What Does Drug Addiction Rehab Process look like?

As usual experiences during treatment differ in different persons, but for patients who undergo complete drug treatment Arizona rehab center must at least pass through four treatment stages. These phases include the following;

  • Intake –entails framing a modified care plan

Once you visit the drug treatment Arizona rehab center, you first have to undergo various assessments. They are conducted to understand the intensity of your need since patients` needs vary from one person to the other. Your assessors will determine the best program for your case. In this first phase, you will get to meet with an expert who will identify the approach that will enable you to get an individualized treatment plan after the valuation of the emotional, social and medical state. You will be required to undergo a medical examination

  • Detox- eliminating addictive substances in your system safely

This phase is the most misinterpreted by patients. Most fear seeking help from the rehab center since they believe that the drug detox process is painful. On the contrary, it isn’t. However, is a bit uncomfortable but the rehab medical support team will be at your service all the time. It’s during this phase when patients experience withdrawal symptoms since the substance they are dependent on is removed from their system. Most of these symptoms can be quite unpleasant but the good thing is that you will be given medication to ease the discomfort.

  • Rehabilitation 

It feels pretty good when one manages to come this far. This is after completing the detox phase successfully. This phase calls for intensive therapy. In this case, a therapist/nurse will keenly examine the factors that pushed you to misuse of the substance. During the rehabilitation process, you can either chose to be an outpatient, inpatient or partial hospitalization. This will entirely depend on your choice but your therapist will advise you on the best option that suits your needs. As an outpatient, you will be expected to turn up daily. In-patients stick in the rehab center to receive regular monitoring while the partial hospitalization program is more like an outpatient program. Here are different forms of therapies;

  • Rehab therapy: this stage can be termed as the basis of lasting treatment efforts.  This goal is achieved through far-reaching therapy and counseling. The patient now identifies the underlying issues responsible for their addiction. 
  • Group therapy: this entails group sessions. In this stage, you interact with peers and together assist each other on how to fight your addictions.
  • Family therapy: Drug rehab in Arizona offers family therapy. It’s part of the programs they have. Your family is urged to join family therapy sessions to encourage them to give the patient the much-needed support. 


  • Recovery & aftercare phase

This is the final phase. Even after you leave the rehabilitation center at the end of your rehabilitation process, they are not done with you yet. There are aftercare sessions. In this case, you and your counselors have to make a plan on how to conduct the sessions. The aftercare is meant to encourage individuals to remain accountable and sober in their journey to recovery. 

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