Great Choices for the Best Martingale Method in Sports Betting Now


There is a method named after its author (a well-known mathematician who works with probabilities) which is called the Hawks Method, also known as the Martingale method for the 먹튀정보 site. It is an extremely reliable and simple method that says this: you can’t always lose, one hour you earn.

How to apply the Martingale method

It consists of always betting on the same team, and in case of loss, we double the amount you bet until you win. The goal is to recover what you lost and ultimately profit when you win. It is a method whose need is long-term gambling.

Let’s show how this works step by step, see:

Step 1: Choose Your Betting Site

  • Enter the betting site.
  • If you don’t have an account, make one and enjoy the welcome bonus.
  • Make your first deposits.

Step 2: Decide which team you will bet on

  • Choose the event you will bet on. Let’s use the Martingale method example in soccer games.
  • Look for this type of bet: “1X2 end result” to bet on the final result of the game.
  • Then choose your team. The odds proposed by the bookmaker must be 2 or higher.

Step 3: Place your bet

Bet on your favorite team. If you win, you will have been successful in your bet and will make money. If you lose, you will bet again on the same team, waiting for the next game, adjusting the bet to recover your previous losses and finally profit. Bet calculation: Double our initial bet + the amount of our losses at this stage. You must bet using this procedure until your team wins.

Formula: stake = (quota x probability – 1) / (C-1).

Example: You want to bet on Goiás with a odds of 3 on a match with Santos. His estimate with Goiás was 40%.

Stake = 3x (40/100) -1 / 3-1 = 10%

The Kelly criterion for this case indicates that your bet must be 10% of your bankroll. It is important that you only use this method if you know how to calculate probabilities.

Now that we have learned the Martingale Method theory, let’s see how it works in practice with some examples. Remember that it is always a good idea for you to do your simulations with the games offered by the gambling sites. This way you will understand better because you will be a little closer to practice. Follow this example with us:

  • We set our example in a football game proposed by one of our favorite betting sites:
  • Team win Team A win B X Draw
  • Sportingbet quota: 1.9 / 2.1 / 2.3
  • Team win Team A win B X Draw
  • SportingBetLose = $ 10 Earnings = $ 21 (10 * 2.1) Loss = $ 10

We decided to bet on team B’s win. The odds are good because they are higher than 2. Then we need to determine the amount of winnings. In this example, we will decide to bet £ 10 on team B.


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