Programs for opening mkv format

You can not play the video downloaded to your computer with the extension mkv? Let’s figure out how to open the mkv file, which applications are suitable for this, and why this type of video is interesting.

Features of the mkv format

The designation of the mkv format created by Russian developers is deciphered by Matroska Video.

The format is a media container – a kind of envelope where not only the video series can be stored, but also audio tracks with subtitles in different languages. Such a file with a relatively small size allows you to view movies, clips and other video recordings in the most convenient mode for the user.

The choice of foreign subtitles along with the same voice acting will help learners of the language, and the original audio track with text translation will allow you to evaluate all the subtleties of acting.

Its role in acquiring the format of popularity has played the fact that, unlike its commercial counterparts (for example, avi), it is completely free for users, and media manufacturers can freely release devices that support its playback.

Mkv file programs

Unfortunately, media players embedded in operating systems cannot always open mkv files, and third-party programs should be used to open such videos. Several free applications with support for this format and good functionality can be found below.

VLC. This cross-platform player will allow you to view mkv and many other types of files and online broadcasts out of the box. Support for skins and extensions, simplicity of the interface and various combinations of hot keys make this program one of the most convenient for home use.

MPlayer. This program also works in all popular modern operating systems (MacOS, Linux and their derivatives). By itself, the player is minimalist and controlled only from the console, you can make it more pleasant to the eye using one of the graphical shells. It is also possible to embed it in the browser for quick viewing of the video and supplement it with a small video converter.

Gom player. This small program works quickly not only on Windows 7 or 8, but also on earlier versions of this OS. Its advantages also include a built-in set of popular codecs and support for playing back-up files or damaged files. There is a Russian language.

If none of these programs suits you, you can convert your mkv file to any other video format using the online mkv converter (for example, AnyConv).

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