Lord Howe Island Holidays

As the name suggests, Lord Howe is an island located between New Zealand and Australia. It is basically an irregular shaped volcanic remnant situated in the Tasman Sea. The island itself is approximately 10km long and the width ranges from 0.3km to 2km with a total area of 14.55 sq. km. The western coast happens to be a sandy semi-enclosed sheltered coral reef lagoon. The southern part of the island is covered with forests and majority of the population is found in the northern part of the Lord Howe Island.

Experiences in the Island

Lord Howe island accommodation at Capella Lodge provides a wide range of interesting experiences for tourists from different parts of the globe. Whether you like to go fishing or camping or even trekking, the island has basically everything in store for you. Some of the interesting experiences at the island include the following.

  • Explore: Since the island was born from a volcanic eruption that took place almost 7 million years ago, the island has one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. The water around the Lord Howe Island is crystal clear with the beaches being extremely pristine. The island itself is filled with numerous marine life and birds and there is no sign of pollution in any part of the island. You can enjoy the trip on a glass bottomed boat along the clear as crystal waters.
  • Island Trips: As you travel along the island, you will notice several rare birds, numerous marine life, a wide array of plants, and geology. You can also spend time exploring the remote rocky coves or even undertake a great and adventurous journey to discover the unknown world. You can also walk all the way to the summit of the Mt Gower, which can prove to be one of your best walks in the entire life. You will also find a golf course where you can play 9 holes, a tennis court where you swing a tennis racket and play a few round with your friends or family, and even bowl with the locals of the island.
  • Explore The Ocean: As discussed above, you can join a tour on a glass bottom boat to enjoy the beautiful view of the coral holes below where there are plenty of beautiful reef fishes, and some delicate and breathtaking coral formations. You may also head over to the Lovers Bay where you can spend time snorkeling or even explore the lagoon. You can also hand feed hundreds of fishes that gather in the shallow waters almost all the time.
  • Stay Submerged: Do you like to spend a lot of time diving or snorkeling in the waters? You can do the same in the most southern coral reef of the entire world. It has a lovely mix of tropical and temperate marine life, which you can easily explore during your snorkeling expeditions. You will also notice that the island has a wonderful underwater topography that comprises of caves, trenches, and several volcanic drop-offs. There are several favored dive sites such as Balls Pyramid, Admiralty Islets, and Malabar Range.

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