Be careful: avoid these things when designing your SEO friendly website!

Technologies and website development trends change frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a model that can be worked over time without radically changing or damaging your business by changing a platform. The options you make when creating a website, whether personal or business, must have to do with your profile, the purpose of the business and the market. It is why you must visit Webpage Scientist to compare among the best website builders and choose the professional website builder according to your budget. Only professional website developer knows the latest web design trend, what to avoid, how to design, etc. Here’s what you should avoid on your site so you don’t have to do more work later.

Background: one of the most important

There are many flashy backgrounds, which make our eyes insist on seeing them even from a distance, but this cannot be applied to a website. The more polluted the background of your website, the less attractive it will be in the eyes of the visitor. Therefore, keep your website’s background as clean as possible, white is always the best option when you don’t know what to do.

Too many sources: avoid it

Some imitate calligraphy notebooks, others are replicas of cartoon logos and others are more serious. However, your site cannot fall victim to your personal taste for fonts, so stay on the basics. Never place more than two fonts on the same page and maintain a standard on all pages of the website. Do not forget that the text makes up the visual identity of your enterprise.

Introduction page: must not empty

Elaborate sites with many pages have gone out of style for some time. The current trend is to simplify things for the user, get him straight to what he wants. And for that it is necessary to eliminate barriers. One of them is the introduction page: a page that brings together a little bit of everything on your site, without much purpose or result. Making things easier and faster for your client is making your site cleaner.

Animations: avoid it unless it is essential

Always attractive, animations can be allies or enemies when developing a website. There was a time when all the sites were made in Flash, with breathtaking animations. But people learned that it takes more work, both to develop, to maintain and even to navigate. So, if you are going to put some kind of animation, choose a small one that is really worthwhile and makes a difference on your site. If it’s just for aesthetics, let it go and focus your efforts on other fields.

5 Cardinal Rules on How to Create SEO Friendly Content

Content copied: not even 000.001%

The famous control C, Control V is not very popular on the internet. Not even for those who read and also much less for search engines. Google, which is used by more than 90% of Internet users as a search engine, penalizes those who copy other people’s content. Besides being a very inelegant practice, it is a crime and it is called plagiarism. If you are going to make other people’s content available on your site, always cite the source, this shows credibility and professionalism.

Difficulty of usability: no single channel

You are in times of mobile internet, where millions of people access e-mails, social networks and websites on their smartphones, tablets, iPad and other gadgets. If you invest in a single solution, which includes only one type of technological resource, you will lose out in the face of competition. You must invest in multichannel solution. Besides desktop compatible, you must make the website responsive.

Lack of security and privacy

Expecting a hacker to simply leave your site alone will not make him think to do so. There are dozens of people on the internet just waiting to break into your system by stealing your database, your resources and your money. So, invest in security for your website. In addition to ensuring that there will be no future hacking problems, your customer will see the advantage for more secure purchases.

Being only present in social media will not work

In the beginning of the internet, creating a website was a very difficult task. It required knowledge of programming languages ​​(such as HTML) and mastery of programs to create and treat images. And now it is very simple to register a name, create a website and produce quality images to make the page more visually pleasing. Even so, many companies preferred to “skip” the website step and go for the easy way: just create a profile or a fan page on Facebook and make it your main web address. It’s true that you need to be on social media, but as long as you don’t have a website, you are wasting the potential to gain an audience of your own.

Conclusion: never use free tools

Yes, it is true that you don’t need deep programming or design skills to create a website. The reason is that today there are free website builder online. They come with ready-made themes and extra features, which you can combine and customize to create something with the look of your brand. The most used website builder is Just be careful not to confuse it with which is much more limited in terms of options and autonomy. In addition, uses its own hosting and domain and do not look professional. The ideal is to always use a registered domain specifically for your brand.  In addition to Word Press, there are other interesting builders you can try, such as WIX and Joomla.

But, are they worth enough to use? You know the answer very well. Per search, more than 50 million results are found in Google. Do you really think your website can come in the first search page of Google while using free tools? Do you know that making a website and ranking the website is not a one day job? You will need SEO, attractive design, responsive template, creative contents, social marketing, SEO audit, website update, etc. And, only a professional website builder can do it.

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