Laser marking

The laser marking is the most practical and innovative solution to distinguish industrial products and thus facilitate their traceability. It is a laser engraving solution on metals highly appreciated for its flexibility, reliability in yield and savings: in fact, laser marking uses a technique that does not require the use of inks, masks, solvents, acids or tools that enter in contact with the surface to be engraved. What is it about? During the laser marking process , an intense beam of light is directed onto the surface to be machined and piloted with movable mirrors or with a plotter head to create the marking. Regardless of the type of laser engravingthat you are about to carry out, it is essential to have a suitable laser engraving machine and, in general, efficient, precise and professional means, so do not waste time and money with low quality tools, but rely on experts in laser marking such as Automator International. Check the Best Laser Marking from

How do I choose the right laser engraver for me? 

Two fundamental criteria in choosing a laser engraver are experience and safety .

Over 80 years of experience in industrial marking : in order to choose the most suitable solution, first of all we need to know which laser engraver is best suited to the type of processing we are looking for. The laser engraving machine must be able to meet the specific needs of the purchaser, in relation to the material to be marked and the working method. Therefore, relying on an ISO 9001 certified company with decades of experience (better if Made in Italy) that offers multiple laser marking technologies , instead of a single type of laser, is the first step towards a safe purchase.

Safety, first of all: the legislation in force (EN ISO 14119) provides that the laser engraver is equipped with a mechanical block (shutter) of the beam made only with CE marked components in accordance with the directives 2014/30 / EU-2014 / 35 / UE and dual-channel functional safety of the ” Safety sensor ” with RFID action principle in accordance with the standards IEC 60947-5-3, ISO 13849-1, IEC 61508, IEC 62061.  A laser engraving machine must be, first of all, safe and certified!

An electronic shutter is not enough! It is the mechanical shutter that makes the difference. The mechanical shutter with double safety contact of the Automator laser engraving machines physically blocks the laser beam when the system signals an event in which the safety fails or in situations where, inside cabinets, free access to the area is required. marking. Laser marking varies in price depending on the quality. Low-cost laser engravers do not guarantee this fundamental requirement and therefore do not meet the current safety regulations.

Are you looking for an innovative and quality laser engraving machine?

Essential for extremely precise machining, a laser engraving machine is now a widespread means in many sectors. It guarantees maximum safety, speed of execution and allows laser engraving on any material with maximum precision. The models of laser engraving machines offered by Automator International are many: from the light and compact laser marking machine to the more common bench system. Most of the available media are equipped with standard sources and intuitive software with open parameters that allow you to optimize the system on the basis of the material to be engraved. We have different types of markers, such as laser engravers for metals , wood , plastic and laser engraversglass . Automator’s new technology in laser markers for engraving on metals and other materials has even produced the smallest source in the world. It is a laser engraving machine equipped with self-regulation of the frequency that marks up to a power comparable to 20W, thus allowing a performance at the same time economic and high performance. This technology, which takes the name of aWave TM , allows you to mark on almost all materials, allowing you to keep the size of the source contained.