6 Simple Secrets of a Smooth Divorce Mediation Process

Emotions are often high in most divorce mediation processes and reaching an agreement might seem next to impossible.  This may force you to act with your feelings rather than your wit.  Although separating from your spouse comes with a lot of stress, there are a few secrets that you can leverage to make the process smoother.

  1. Avoid Acting With Emotions

Do not let your emotions control your mediation sessions.  Remember that coming to an amicable agreement on any issue during the process is highly dependent on you maintaining a clear mind.  This should not be a time to lash out.

To be safer, especially if you had experienced negative emotions or funny mood swings during the separation, consider speaking to a therapist before attending any mediation session.  Attending a counseling session will not only help you clear your mind but it will also promote good health and growth as you go through the divorce.

  1. Focus On The Future

You need to forget about the past before you enter into any mediation session.  Focus on your future and figure out how you can turn things around with the decisions at hand.  Consulting a counselor before the mediation process can go a long way in helping you develop a sound action plan.

  1. Cooperate

Being stubborn is counterproductive.  You should be willing to negotiate some terms and remain flexible.  Understand that you might not achieve all your wishes, but the outcome can be favorable if your ex-spouse is also willing to be flexible while making decisions.

  1. Be Patient

Some people are often under the impression that all divorce cases should end up in court.  This is not always true as couples can sometimes resolve their issues outside of court.  Before a divorce mediation process, take your time and do some research on different ways that you can approach it.  Gather yourself, consult marriage counselors, and collect information on the best practices for making choices during mediation.  Do not rush things.  Slow and steady moves win the race.

  1. Hire More Divorce Experts

Do not expect one professional to handle everything for you during a divorce mediation process.  If there is a retirement fund that needs to be divided, a business that needs valuation, or outstanding tax liabilities, then you can easily see why more than one professional is needed to help you handle the divorce.

  1. Balance Your Interests And Those Of Your Children

Never assume that what is best for you should also be best for your children.  Always remember that your children have different needs than you do.  We understand that you love your kids and it would take a bullet for them.  But this does not mean that you do not have needs.  Moving to a new school district to allow you to reduce the number of hours you spend to drive to a job that you have held for several years is not about your children—it is about you.   Additionally, introducing a new love around your kids as ‘your friend’ within a few months post-separation is not about your children but you.

Divorce mediation does not have to be a train wreck.  Implement the above tips and you will be more likely to have a smoother experience.

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