Cleaning a Sheepskin Rug: 5 Tips

Sheepskin rugs are beautiful, soft, and one of the most popular products of all time. Sheepskin tanning dates back nearly 11,000 years and if treated correctly they will last a long time. While sheepskin rugs can add great texture and color to any room they are susceptible to everyday messes, pet accidents, and more. Luckily authentic sheepskin is easy to maintain and you’ll be a pro in no time with these five tips.

  1. Maintain the Fluff

Perhaps the main reason you sought out a sheepskin company and bought a rug in the first place was for the texture. Sheepskin rugs are very fluffy and soft which provide comfort and warmth while adding texture to your room. However, in order for your rug to keep its natural fluff you need to brush and shake it out regularly and do so more often if the rug is in a high traffic area. This will ensure that your rug doesn’t get flat or worn.

  1. Shake Shake Shake

While shaking is important to keep your sheepskin rug fluffy it is also an important factor in helping it repel dirt. Sheepskin doesn’t need to be cleaned like carpet because it is naturally repellant. Containing lanolin, a natural fat, wool has certain characteristics that make it naturally resistant to water, flame, and static electricity in addition to being dirt repellant, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial. Due to the fact that the lanolin naturally repels dirt you are able to easily clean your rug simply by shaking it.

  1. Avoid Stains

Although sheepskin is naturally repellant of dirt this does not make it repellant to harsher stains such as spilled wine or coffee. The naturally repellent qualities of sheepskin are a product of many years of evolution however, they only protect against naturally occurring elements of the sheep’s environment. If you do get one of these stains on your rug the steps you have to take to remove it may weaken the fibers and strip it of its repellent properties.

  1. If You Got a Stain Anyway

Accidents happen and our floors seem to be particularly susceptible to them. Whether it was spilled wine, a pet accident, or just a random unknown stain there are steps you can take to try to remove it from your rug. It is extremely important to not attempt to remove the stain with chemical cleaners as they will strip the lanolin from the wool. Using a natural cleaner such as starch will help your rug maintain its dirt repellent properties. Simply dampen the stain, apply starch, rub the starch in, and leave it to dry. Once the starch has dried shake it out of your rug. In order for this to work properly without damaging your rug you need to make sure that you only slightly dampen the stain with lukewarm water don’t soak it. This step can be repeated every so often to keep your rug fresh.

  1. Avoid Sunlight and Dampness

Direct sunlight can dry out the sheepskin which may make it less naturally repellant and cause it to lose it’s tone. Too much moisture in the environment is also bad for sheepskin. That is why the sheepskin company recommends not using your sheepskin rug as a bathmat or in any other wet environment. Moisture can get trapped in the fibers which can attract black mold and make the fibers curl. If your rug gets wet you can dry it outside as long as it isn’t placed in direct sunlight.

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