Seven Easy Ways To Facilitate Living In A RV

So You Want To Take The PLunge And Live On The Great Open Road! You want to do it, You have always dreamed of it, and really want to live in a recreational vehicle. Live free, go where you want, when you want. See the mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, and even canyons. There is nothing more than that feeling of freedom.

However, there are some preparations that need to be done beforehand. One of the most important is doing trial runs. You know you love your significant other more than anything. However, when it is just the two of you relying on each other for the daily chores and in a tight space for long periods of time, that love can wilt. Make sure you are ready, before embarking as this as your only home.

Remember living in an RV is much like a home. It needs air conditioning and heat. However, this is where homes and RV’s differ. An rv wall construction is not really one that is meant for winter living. You will need to constantly check the rv wall construction for cracks that will let cold air in, and will deteriorate your home. Apply sealants as needed to walls and roofing. You will also need to insulate piping underneath the home, to protect plumbing.

You will need to start preparing early for living full time in a recreational vehicle. Set a date for when you want it to happen. It does not have to be set in stone, but it gives you a goal, as actually when are ever really prepared, unless you have done it before. You will have to live a lot simpler, with less clutter.

Start downsizing immediately. Hand down all your treasured antiques and collectibles to relatives. Have yard sales, and donate to thrift stores. Pick out your favorite must-have kitchen utensils that you must keep, as well as clothes. Get rid of the desktop, and opt for a laptop.

Make yourself a poster board with pictures of places you want to see, and things you want to do. Hang it right where you see it every day. You may need to stop and look at it once in a while when feeling overwhelmed. It will be a constant reminder of why you are setting out on this adventure. Make sure to take time to do special things with family, friends, and neighbors that you won’t see often. If you wait till you are leaving, it will be overwhelming trying to get them all in.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for living in an RV, is making sure you know your vehicle. Get to know your vehicle. Learn all there is to know about the engine, batteries, generator, hydraulics, electricity, just everything. Prepare for the worst, and have backup plans. All kinds of things can happen on the road, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time.

Look into joining RVing clubs. They have a wealth of information for people just like you. There are discounts to campgrounds, gas stations, as well as forums, and job boards for temporary work. Having a club website to go to can go really far. There are blogs of problems people have run into and how they fixed it. Everyone has their own quick fix patches, and maybe some will benefit you.

The most important thing to remember is why you are doing this. IT is to escape the everyday work routine and be able to see the country right? This does not mean it is a vacation. This is life, you will have problems that you have to address, as well as anxieties. Br prepared and had fun!

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