Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Lovedone and Family

TheOneSpy cellphone spy software is the best of the best parental control tool that has made its way to the next level. An end user in terms of parents can protect young kids and teens from all real –life and digital dangers.

Digital vulnerabilities mean cyber bullies, stalkers online and sexual predators. However, real –life dangers mean drug abuse, sexual hookups and blind meetings with online friends in parties without the consent of their parents.

 So, TheOneSpy empowers parents to monitor all kinds of android and cellphones and gadgets. Parents can get access to these devices and get access to all the activities and data stored in the devices.

However, you can protect the private data of your loved ones in terms of photos and videos by creating a backup. Moreover, parents can easily install best cell phone spy software on the target device. Additionally, it has user –friendly interface that makes even non –tech-savvy parents to use it perfectly.

How to install mobile phone monitoring app?

In case you are going to monitor android cellphones or gadgets of your loved ones that you simply need to subscribe for the cell phone tracking app for Android. Then you will receive an email that contains passcode and ID and gets physical access on the target device. Now start the installation process and when you have done with it. Then you need to use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Once you have the access you can get your hands on all the features of the mobile phone surveillance app for android.

Major Features of android spy app

Surround Monitoring

Parents can control the MIC of the children’s smartphones remotely and further record the surround sounds using MIC Bug app. Furthermore, the user can control the front and back camera target android device using the spyvidcam bug. However, parents can capture images with the camera bug app.

Call Logs

The parents can record and then listen to the live calls either incoming or outgoing calls and then saves on the web portal.

Live screen recording

The end user can perform screen recording of children android devices in real –time. You can make back to back short videos of the screen and then recorded material sent to the Android control panel. The user can do a screen recording of all the trendy social media apps, YouTube screen recording, Chrome screen recording, SMS and email screen recording.

IM’s Social Media

Parents can monitor the logs of all the instant messaging apps installed on kids and teens cell phone. You can view the logs of the text message, text conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared photo & videos and WhatsApp Voice messages, Facebook Voice calls, IMO and telegram Voice messages.

GPS location tracker

Parents can track the exact and current location and location history using the GPS locator of the best spying app for android.

Bookmarks on browser

Parents can monitor all the bookmarks on browser

Browsing history of internet

The user can get access to all the visited websites URLs on the browser installed on children’s Phone. However, the user can also get to know how many times a single URL has been used.

WhatsAppPhone data

Parents can get access to all the data of WhatsApp installed on children Phone. The user can get the data in terms of chat, group chat, group members and messages.


Parents can get access to the Phone contact book.

Kik Messages

You can get access to all the sent and received messages on Kik social media.


TheOneSpy cellphone spy app is the ultimate, reliable, most suitable and powerful tool to protect loved ones and family from real –life and online dangers.

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