Sedentary Lifestyles: The Underlying Disease Infecting Everyone

Look, we’re all guilty of sleeping in, setting our alarms to snooze, only to wake up by lunchtime, and running late to our meetings without getting properly dressed. What’s worse, we still manage to find some semblance of sanity to boot up Netflix and somehow end up binge-watching two full-length films and start a new series!

Sure, we may have survived 2020 and already have our new body-clocks and habits tied down, but if you’re still rocking these destructive habits of bad time management and sleeplessness here in 2021, now’s the time you consider to change. Our body can hold up for so long until it ends up running on fumes, and the last thing you want to happen is to suffer from burnout this early in the year.

Why Does It Happen?

While it’s often a product of bad decisions, one after the other, many factors in our immediate environment break apart our flow state and make us idle for the next couple of hours. Plus, there’s a pandemic going on, and shaking it off our minds during 2020 was a near-impossible feat to accomplish, so we get a pass for being lazy (just this one time).

#1 Your Surroundings Aren’t Conducive To Productivity

Ah yes, the idea that you can stay in bed for the majority of the day and claim you can be productive. Sure, some people and careers do allow this type of lifestyle, but the reality is often disappointing, and not everyone can afford that type of luxury. The comfort of your bed just takes you back into sleep mode, and you’ll end up having two-hour naps that you didn’t necessarily need in the first place.

Plus, the kitchen isn’t a comfort zone conducive to productivity either, the cravings that hide behind a fridge are too tempting, and you end up snacking more than finishing the things you need to do.

#2 You’re Easily Distracted By The Smallest Things

Apart from our surroundings, when you compare the usual workplace to an in-home office, there are just more things to be distracted by that can make your mind travel into a different dimension. One moment you could be in a meeting, discussing with your team the budget plan for 2021, and one second later, you’re thinking about that picture right across your desk from a backpacking trip not too long ago.

There’s also your phone that’s just constantly pushing notifications and vibrating every time you’re tagged in a tweet, post, or photo. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with learning about the latest health & wellness trends, but you can bookmark that for later because there are more important matters to address!

How Do You Fix It? Redirect Your Energy and Attention.

One of the perks of working from home is saving all that extra energy from traveling from one place to the other, but there’s also the risk of using that energy for something unproductive. So, you’ll want to redirect that bit of energy and attention into something much more worthwhile, activities that boost your mood and increase your motivation.

#1 Brush up on Your Cooking Skills

Eating out and choosing to have lunch at restaurants has always been the go-to solution for the busy individual, but now that we’re at home, why not try brushing up on your cooking skills instead of ordering? Yes, it takes extra time for meal preparation, but it’s also very satisfying to know you’re eating something made by your own hands.

Plus, cooking skills will never go out of style because it’s a life skill that everyone needs in the long-term. You also don’t have to worry about running out of recipes or dishes to try because there are numerous food updates on the daily if you know where to look.

#2 Pick up a Book

Full-length feature films, rom-com dramas, and action movies are great and all, but don’t forget to love the source material and pick up a book. They can be a great source of knowledge and are just as exciting if you get the hang of reading. Books are also the perfect getaway during your off-hours because you can pick them up or set them aside by your bed whenever you want.

We suggest starting small with at least one book per month, and you can slowly work your way up to three to four reads every single month. In fact, you might even them more appealing than you’re everyday TV series.

#3 A Social Media Detoxing

Lastly, if it’s peace of mind and relaxation you want, then we strongly recommend a social media detoxing for at least a week and upwards to a month to refresh your mind. There’s nothing wrong with staying updated, but being constantly pushed notifications to the point where it eats into your working hours is no longer healthy. So, give yourself a break and put away the phone, at least in the meantime.

Define Your 2021 With Greatness

We shouldn’t let the past or previous experiences define our current day, so grab the opportunity by the horns and let this be your call to action to make a change! There’s still plenty of time left to make small fixes here and there, so don’t just stand by the sidelines watching and get in on the action. 


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