Your Guide to HDB Renovation In Singapore

High ceilings can and should be used for renovations. How? Use their potential to create an additional floor or a mini-attic.

When developing the interior design of a two-level apartment, there is a huge field of maneuver. Beautiful columns, twisted or airy staircases and other “chips” are appropriate here. You will read about them in this article, as well as about the secrets of design skills and ideas of dividing and combining space.

How we develop design projects of apartments in the section Interior design of apartments

Organizing a space with the maximum functionality of all its elements is not an easy task. Proven methods from renowned designers will come to your rescue.

Low ceilings on the first level can be played up in Moroccan style. Low sofas and an abundance of soft pillows will bring you into the atmosphere of hospitable Asia, creating the feeling of a cosy tearoom.

For apartments with large windows located on the upper floors, light glossy ceilings will be appropriate. They will bring a part of the sky into every room, creating a modern interior design for HDB renovation.

Wardrobe ladder

Steps to the second floor can be constructed from blocks, inside of which shelves for things can be placed. Books, dishes and decor will look beautiful on them.

A hammock above the stairs

The biggest problem that owners of duplex apartments face is the waste of space above the stairs leading up. With a hammock, it can be solved in no time! This complete resting place is easy to assemble. And its undoubted advantage will be the ability to freely transmit light through the mesh.

This is not only for a stylish interior, but also a great way to keep children busy and distract them from TV, tablets and smartphones!

Stairs as the central element of the room

There are attempts to make the steps less noticeable, or to utilise the space under them. These attempts often fail. So why not highlight this design and give it charm and elegance?

Interior design of a two-level apartment

High ceilings, as well as an abundance of free space, are ideal components for a loft. There are brick walls, a lot of metal, glass, strict shapes and unexpected use of familiar objects when it comes to loft design. Together, this ensemble creates a modern interior design.

But a loft is not the only design option. A Boho style will look good in a spacious room. Bright, catchy details, unusual combinations of textures, an abundance of patterns – these are its main features. With a Boho interior design, the space won’t look as empty. If it is a townhouse or a cottage, then the Scandinavian classics with elements of modern style will look great.

Want a grandiose duplex apartment interior design?

Then you should opt for the rustic style. Charmingly and at the same time, slightly pompous, it will favorably emphasize the features of the room. An additional floor in an apartment is an opportunity to embody bold ideas without fear of overloading the space. Whatever interior style you like, you can imagine the end result of the experiment using 3D visualization.