Why you should be using a paid for VPN over a freebie


VPNs have an incredible value when it comes to keeping your personal data safe from potential cyber attacks and lurking hackers. They are highly encrypted which means only you have access to your private Internet connection. 

Using public Wifi is often great, but if you use the free system with a vpn you are also protecting yourself from anyone who is up to no good on that same public Internet hotspot. If you are currently looking for a vpn to use on your computer or mobile device there are some pointers to take note of while looking at the freebie versions of VPN services.

Legitimate and fake sites

It is a widely known fact that hackers have become incredibly good at what they do. As the world wide web has developed, the skills of hackers have also progressed so they can gain entry in to private accounts in a matter of seconds.

When looking at various sites for a vpn service it is imperative that you pay attention to the sites you are logging on to, especially the free ones. Sometimes a fake website is very convincing and may you not know any wiser. But there may be some small details on the screen which set your alarm bells ringing. 

Not always easy to put your finger on, there might be some font that doesn’t look right or just the shivering feeling that someone is watching you. If your gut tells you there’s something wrong it is probably best to listen to your instinct. 

Freebie stats

Marketing is an amazing practise which can make you believe that something rubbish is the best thing ever created. Reading more in the statistics behind the effective advertising can be the best thing you do when choosing the right vpn service.

Free services, in comparison to paid for services, have a limited amount of funds available so they are not able to provide as high connection speeds. Sometimes, on the odd occasion, they may inflate their connection speed on their website to make you believe that they are in the running for the best option out there. However, if you look closer and check out the customer reviews you will get a much more accurate review of whether or not they can truly provide the stats they are advertising.

Paid for services on the other hand, use their funding from subscriptions to maintain better download speeds so you can watch your favourite streaming shows with minimal buffering.

Customer services

Has you new found vpn provider got round the clock customer service? If not, they may not be the match for you. This is another difference with freebie vpns, they often don’t have the facilities to offer a customer service function. 

Not having support from the service provider could mean big trouble if something went wrong with your vpn connection. Always try to join up with a vpn which has constant user support.

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