Why choose a standing desk over a normal one?

The concept of standing desks is a very new one. Initially there were sitting desks. All the workplaces have it even today. But it is necessary to note that sitting for prolonged hours can have a negative impact on your overall health. People sitting for prolonged hours have a chance of developing chronic diseases and may also result in death. Apart from that, it also causes minor health problems such as obesity and weight gain. To avoid the risk of developing these diseases, standing desks have been easily introduced in the market.

What are standing desk?

The standing desks have yet not come into the mainstream which is why not a lot of people prefer having it. The standing desks refer to stand-up desks that give you the flexibility to stand and move easily while working. In the modern times, electric standing desks and adjustable standing desks have also been introduced in the market. The electric standing desk from PrimeCables is surely one of the best choices to make because they are strong and reliable. You also have the flexibility to adjust the height of the desk too.

Benefits of getting standing desks

Standing desks over the time have played an important role in fighting against several harmful effects. Some of the prominent effects of getting standing desks include the following

  • Reduces the chance of obesity

As mentioned earlier, sitting for long hours can lead to weight gain and obesity. But, burning more calories is necessary for weight loss. Exercise may sound to be the most effective choice for getting rid of excessive weight. But, standing too can contribute towards easing the process of weight loss thereby helping to solve the problem.

  • Lowers the risk of blood sugar level

The blood sugar level will increase by sitting for prolonged hours. If you are insulin resistance, it can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged hours can increase your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by 112%.

  • Eases back pain

One of the most famous advantages of having a standing desk is that it can help in ease the back pain. Back pain is the most common complaint among office goers. This back pain can eventually become chronic thereby leading to different serious diseases. As a result, studies have shown that having standing desks at the office for several years can play an important role in easing the pain.

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