Which Key performance indicators are used in aerospace industry?

The Aviation Safety Management System makes use of Key Performance Indicators or better known as KPI’s. KPI is a data metrics used for tracking performance. It is a very important metric used in the aerospace companies. Here mentioned are four things that will help you to understand what a KPI is and how they are used in the Aviation SMS.

  • The KPI’s are used for determining the performance of aerospace companies to analyze its goals and objectives
  • It shows the key data which is an essential data for operational performance
  • KPI is always SMART. It stands for specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant and time bound.
  • KPI is specific in nature i.e. it means that every organization has different set of KPI’s.

Here mentioned are some of the essential KPI’s used in the aviation industry.

Waiting time– The airport operations can be easily determined with the help of the passenger’s waiting time. KPI is essential to understand whether the lines are properly staffed or not. The expected speed at which the passenger is moving helps in measuring this.

On time performance of the Flights– Tracking of gate allocation is very essential to determine how fast the transfer and the departing passengers are moving to their gate. The operations of the flight can be effectively done with proper scheduling like – flight operations, baggage, passengers etc. This plays an important role in determining the performance of the on time departure and arrivals of the flight.

Immigration- The immigrants constitute the largest number of arriving passengers which causes traveller crushes regularly. It has been found that the waiting time is high and there is a need to bring improvements and changes like adopting contemporary tools and technologies for speedier intake, opening more lines. it is also essential to recruit more staffs for efficient operations of the flight.

Check in– The passengers first interact with the airport in the check-in counter. Majority of the airports have the target to move the passengers within 30 minutes to the gate.

Baggage– The baggage process is one of the complicated processes that you will find in the aviation operations. The KPI indicator here is the red flag and it should be properly monitored to find the areas of improvement. Baggage handling is very important and most of the travellers are concerned about whether they can find their luggage on arrival.   Mishandled baggage rate is the KPI used for this purpose.

However, a KPI should be the right one so that it can be understood. Do not make use of KPI’s of other companies as long as it doesn’t match your goals and objectives.

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