Where Are Blue Roses Found?

=By the time, human research, will to know, and hardworking spirits, what’s impossible can become possible. One of them is the blue roses, a flower that is impossible to be in blue because the rose itself doesn’t contain a delphinidin.

Blue Roses are already available in shops nowadays. In Western Area, you can find it online at American flower delivery. In Europe, you can find it in luxury roses. In the eastern hemisphere, such as Singapore, you can find it at Suntec Florist.

History of a Blue Rose

The primary rose was found in Tokyo in 2009 after 20 years of research by a Japanese Drinking company, and its Australian subsidiary, Florigene (now Suntory Flowers). Even though the flower looks more silverish purple rather than sky-blue, Applause is the nearest to a real blue rose at that time.

Arguably the world’s most-loved flower, roses have been cultivated by humans for quite 5,000 years. Roses can signify love, beauty, politics, and war.

Blue Roses have a mythic quality because they, until recently, were impossible to grow. Roses’ natural colors are red, pink, yellow, and white. For years, blue roses are referred to as a logo of unrequited love or the impossible search.

Blue roses traditionally available through florists are white roses dyed with blue paint. Suntory and Florigene ready to insert a delphinidin-producing gene by modifying a pansy into an Old Garden ‘Cardinal de Richelieu’ rose. When debuting in Japan, Applause was sold for ten times the worth of normal roses.

Do Blue Roses Really Exist?

The first recorded event of founding the blue rose was by the Arabian, Ibn al-Awam, in his handbook written within the 12th century. He tells a story about an azure rose in his garden, but it was never confirmed.

Researchers today speculate that he might be pertaining to the blue rose of Sharon ‘Rose of Sharon’ instead. Not much was scientifically written about the blue rose then, but the mysterious flower became the topic of many folklores’ topics.

A famous Chinese story is named the ‘Legend of the Blue Rose’ and tells about a young princess who would only marry the person who could bring her a blue rose, an impossible feat indeed, but that is why the princess tells this as her wish.

One suitor painted a white rose blue, another suitor carved a sapphire into the shape of a rose, and another suitor made a holographic illusion of a blue rose. Alas, the princess announced all of them are fake, for she knew that a blue rose didn’t exist which meant she couldn’t marry the person she forbiddenly loved, the gardener of their palace.

The next day, the gardener offers her a white rose, and since of this believing act, the princess received the rose, and as she touched the rose petals, the color magically turned into blue. All the audience were shocked and gasped.

If only it had been that easy to seek out a blue rose. Today’s blue roses are a bit like the fake ones in the story. Although the color is vibrant and opaque, the prevailing flower is either dyed (dip dye and dye absorption) or painted (floral spray). But in 2004, a scientific breakthrough in gene-splicing led to the invention of the primary technically-accepted blue rose.

Genetic Modification

Unlike violets and larkspurs, roses lack delphinidin, a plant pigment liable for the blue color plants. It is why roses can’t have a blue petal, albeit it had been through classical cross-breeding.

However, after 14 years of experimentation through gene-splicing, a team of scientists from Suntory in Japan collaborated with Florigene in Australia made a noise as they announced that they were finally ready to produce real blue roses.

Types of Blue Rose

  1. Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

Frank Cowlishaw hybridized rose plant in 1999, which easily became a favorite due to iridescent bluish-mauve petals & golden stamens of fully opened flowers. It’s a repeat-flowering shrub commonly used as landscape borders because it grows tall and bushy.

  1. Rosa ‘Cardinal de Richelieu’

This rose flower features a dark purple color that nearly looks blue. The plant was discovered by Louis-Joseph-Ghislain Parmentier in 1847 and is widely employed by florists as cut flowers.

  1. Rosa ‘Blue for You’

Otherwise referred to as ‘Pacific Dream’ or ‘Honky Tonk Blues,’ this rose flower is purple in color with a blush center. Hybridized by Peter J. James 2006, the plant grows up was his favorite in the themed gardens.

  1. Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’

Also referred to as ‘Bleu Violet’ or ‘Blue Rosalie,’ this rose was founded by Johann Christoph Schmidt in 1909. The rose has emerald green leaves and is thornless.

Blue Roses are known as a mystic colored flower. Because of the color itself, it brings you calm feelings. Holding a bouquet of blue roses, you may stand as the attention of a wedding party. Many lifetimes ago, humans didn’t know anything about flowers. Nowadays, humans can make flower essence into a perfume, air freshener, food garnish, and indoor decoration. Humans can also make an artificial flower that will not wilt. It shows how much people adore flowers.

Blue Roses used to be an impossible flower as roses themselves don’t contain a delphinidin or a pigment to make the rose petal blue. Nowadays, you’ll easily find a blue rose almost everywhere within the world, starting from the Western Area, European Area, even in Eastern Area, most flower shops already selling the blue rose. The flower is also famous to be given as gifts. That’s why gift delivery Singapore offers a selection of blue rose bouquets.

Blue Rose is special because it is a new flower. So, give the special flower to your special ones. Give them to express yourself more, make them love you, adore you, and like you more. Love is never enough without a present.

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