What You Should Know about Hotel Sheets

You may not think a lot about hotel sheets, except for the fact that they are clean. However, there is a lot that goes into these sheets behind the scenes that you may not know.

What is the thread count?

The thread count is one easy way to determine the quality of sheets. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the bed linen. A thread count of 200 can be found in most hotels with a budget. This is a light and cool cotton and is great for warm weather destinations where it’s hot. Sheets with a thread count of 400 are the most common and are favored by many hotels because of the durability. This is the type of sheet you can find in major hotel chains. Thread counts that are higher are where luxury begins and will likely only be found in luxury hotels.

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What is the right fabric?

Hotels choose different fabrics based on the preference and the effect they are going for in the rooms. Sateen sheets are a weave construction and will result in a softer look with a sheen that resembles satin. These sheets can be softer than other options. Percale is a plain weave and can be found in higher thread counts, which gives it a silk-like feel. There is strength for these sheets, and they will last through many washes. This makes this material a good choice for many hotels. Not only is the fabric important but so is the fiber quality. Sheets that are made from short fibers may have a higher thread count, but the fibers will break apart over time, which can pile and produce lint. This leads to issues with softness. Sheets with longer fibers will be more durable and resistant to tearing and stress.

Why are hotel sheets white?

Before the 1990s, hotels actually had colored sheets since an all-white bed seemed like an unpopular choice among hotels. Colored sheets are easier to clean because they can hide stains. Westin then wanted to figure out what a luxury bed meant to them and their hotel guests. After trial and error, the hotel designers found that an all-white bed is more luxurious, and people slept better. This fact will improve the perception of the hotel. Now almost every other hotel has adopted this. Today, hotels still want a white bed, even though there is a slight trend in new hotels with more preppy and bright displays of colors and patterns. However, white linen is still timeless. White sheets can match any style and color scheme of the hotel and can serve as a breath of fresh air among other patterns in the room.



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