What you need to know about diamond rings before buying them

The time has finally come. Wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes, but what exactly should you look for when picking out the most important bling of your life? Of course, you can haggle all the jewellers in the area in search of the perfect wedding ring, but it is more convenient if you already know what you want. And by ‘you’ we mean you because your upcoming one must of course also want to wear his ring. Selecting wedding rings becomes a lot easier after reading this article. What choices are there in terms of material, shape, stone and engraving? How much does such a ring cost and when should you start looking? We introduce you to the wonderful world of selecting wedding rings.

Figuring out wedding rings, where do you start?

Are the preparations for your wedding in full swing? Don’t forget the wedding rings. Before you choose wedding rings, it is handy to discuss a little in advance. Do you want a wedding ring set or both something different? It is also not wrong to read a bit about the different materials, shapes and stones. And hey, now let’s tell that in this article too. So, don’t stop reading. Also, discuss what you absolutely do not want and see if you are a bit on the same page. Otherwise, take a look at the examples of wedding rings. A good start is half the work.

Where are you going to choose your wedding rings?

So now you already have a little idea about your beloved wedding rings. But where are you going to pick out those wedding rings? You have three options: from a jeweller, a goldsmith or a wedding ring specialist. Still, looking? Find a jeweller near you here. Be well informed and advised by your chosen jeweller, goldsmith or wedding ring specialist, adjust different rings and be honest, because you wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. Make a visit to Alexander Sparks for the ultimate choice.

When should you start searching?

Selecting wedding rings is not a last-minute job. So start on time. It would, of course, be the best thing that you immediately find your dream rings. Sorry to help you out of this dream, because it doesn’t happen often. So start orienting the wedding rings six to eight months before the wedding. Besides, you must take into account the delivery time of two to six weeks.

What do wedding rings cost?

Each wedding ring has a different price tag. What wedding rings cost depends on the material, model, stones, engravings and of course there is a difference in the wedding ring brands. On average, a Dutch bridal couple spends about $ 1500 on their wedding rings. Have you agreed on a budget? Please let this know at the jeweller you found.

Select materials for wedding rings

Many wedding rings are made of precious metal, and that is not without reason: precious metal remains beautiful and does not rust. It is quite important since hopefully, you have to spend a lifetime with a wedding ring. In addition to precious metal, non-precious metals such as steel are also used today. The choice of material is an important first choice because this largely determines the appearance of your wedding ring. Therefore, the most used materials for wedding rings in a row, so that you make the right choice when selecting rings.

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Gold wedding ring

Take a standard wedding ring in mind and chances are it is made of gold. Gold wedding rings are made of precious metal and remain beautiful. Today, three variants are widely used: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Pure gold is too soft to wear, which is why it mixes with other metals to make it harder. The colour of the gold, therefore, depends on the alloy (the metal mixture). For example, yellow gold has more silver than copper added, rose gold contains more copper than silver, and white gold has palladium or nickel added.

The carat indication indicates the content of pure gold. Pure gold is 24 carat, an alloy half of which consists of 12 pure gold, etcetera. Many wedding rings are 18 carats.

Platinum wedding ring

Charmed with white gold and what more money to spend? Then wedding rings made of platinum could be a good option. More expensive than gold, this material is the whitest, hardest metal available. Another advantage for the allergic brides & grooms to be among us: platinum is less ‘allergy-sensitive’ than gold because gold is mixed with other metals that trigger a reaction more quickly. Inform the jeweller that you are sensitive to certain materials when selecting wedding rings. You will probably end up with a wedding ring made of platinum.

Stainless steel wedding ring

Stainless steel is also called surgical steel or stainless steel, which stands for ‘stainless steel’ (although nowadays it is also said ‘stainless steel’). Despite the name ‘stainless steel’, stainless steel is not a precious metal. However, since it does not rust, it is also not a ‘base metal’, and therefore it is called ‘non-noble’. Steel wedding rings are rock hard and therefore do not damage quickly, while at the same time they are much cheaper than wedding rings made of precious metal. The silver colour is a slightly darker grey than the other silver-coloured metals, which makes it a bit tougher. Hip, trendy and definitely worth considering, so.

Titanium wedding ring

This grey-white metal is increasingly used for wedding rings but was originally mainly used in aerospace engineering. Not without reason, because titanium is rock-hard, light and allergy-free: ideal. Because it is more difficult to machine due to the hardness, the models are often simple and sleek. If the titanium wedding ring becomes too small, you cannot just have a piece put in between. An ideal wedding ring for a bridal couple who likes sleek, cool and modern and wants a ring that is just as permanent as their wedding.

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