What Services Do Senior Home Care Agencies Provide? 

According to the Housing Decisions of Older Australians report, “about 60% of older Australians prefer to age in their own home.” Many seniors in Australia want to stay in their own homes as they age, and it is beneficial for them and their families. In fact, seniors feel that the greatest pleasure growing older is the ability to spend more time with their children, especially their grandchildren.

If you are one among the majority of seniors, you probably want to stay at home as long as possible. Although you are mentally strong, you need to face some physical challenges as you age. For some seniors, the seemingly easy daily routine can become difficult and require assistance to do their daily chores. This is when the aged care assistance at home is invaluable.

What is senior home care? 

The senior home care services offer a range of care and other services that help older adults remain at home as long as possible. The aged care assistance at home allows older adults to receive certain types of care at home instead of shifting to a retirement village or a nursing home. The type of care provided depends on the needs of the senior. Many communities have several local agencies that offer aged care services at home for their community residents. The services provided in senior home care may vary from agency to others.

Services offered by the aged care services at home

You could get any type of help you want in your home. The following services are common across all the agencies. However, if you need support with anything, the home care professionals will do their best to assist you.

Personal care 

Is bathing or dressing getting harder to do day by day? You could hire caregivers to help with daily activities, including bathing, dressing, and grooming, toileting and incontinence care, assisting with walking and transferring from bed to wheelchair, and other assistance with activities of daily living.

Household chores 

Do you need help with household chores such as housecleaning, washing of curtains and blains, spring cleaning, or grocery shopping? Caregivers can help you. While some drug and grocery store offers home delivery, you can get help from the home caregivers as well. They can also assist you with yard cleaning and maintain your yard.

Lifestyle support 

Senior home care services offer lifestyle support, including meal preparation and nutrition, laundry and change of bed linens, transportation to social and recreational activities, assistance with exercise and outdoor activity, travel assistance, and companionship and community engagement.

There are four levels of home care packages that are designed to give quality care that every senior need. Choose any one of the following levels according to your needs.

  • Level 1 – It is suitable for people  with basic care needs
  • Level 2 – It is suitable for people with low-level care needs
  • Level 3 – It is suitable for people with intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 – It is suitable for people with high-level care needs

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