What Road Salt Can Do to Your Car

It is common for city organizations to apply road salt during the winter. Road salt is incredibly effective at melting away snow, making the roads safer to drive. However, the problem with this is that road salt can prematurely rust your vehicle. Having the best all weather car covers available will not do you much good once you get on the road. You need to be aware of the dangers so that you know what to get in addition to waterproof car covers.

Road Salt Rusts Your Vehicle

Road salt is a corrosive material that creates a chemical reaction when it makes contact with your vehicle. This reaction occurs due to the combination of air and water, which together damage the metal found throughout your car. Repeated exposure to this salt can result in a rust build-up on your vehicle’s exterior as well as the hydraulic brake system. It can also result in damage to the muffler and exhaust systems. During the winter, you want to examine your car regularly to see if any rust forms anywhere.

One way to protect your car during this time of year is to apply a rust proofing spray. It will help protect your car’s undercarriage from corrosion. The next time you pay a visit to your local dealership, you can ask about what type of spray would work best. It is also a good idea to wash your vehicle at least once a month with water and wax. This will help prevent any kind of rust build-up. When you keep your car in storage, you want a high-quality car cover and tire covers to make sure nothing comes into contact with the surface while it is tucked away.

Keep Salt Out of your Car 

While the exterior of your car is in massive danger with road salt around, you also need to watch out for your car’s interior. You want to make sure you have rubber floor mats inside your car because when you step inside, you can inadvertently bring road salt in with you. This salt can stain interior carpets, which will be nearly impossible to clean. You also want to vacuum your car’s interior regularly to help soak up any leftover water. It is also recommended to wash your car seats with hot water and dish soap to keep them looking pristine.

Keep Road Salt Out of Your Driveway

Many homeowners apply road salt to their driveways because they want to be able to get their car out in the morning. While road salt is convenient, you need to watch out for what it can do to your car. Additionally, road salt, in conjunction with freezing temperatures, can cause the cement to crack. You can use sand or kitty litter as an alternative to getting your car out into the main road.

There is no getting rid of road salt entirely, but you can be smart about how you care for your vehicle during the winter. Get all of the supplies you need well in advance so that you are ready for the upcoming winter season.

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