What Are The Elements Of The Metal Shelves?


In this article, we will see what the elements of the metal shelves are and what the function of each one of them is. But first, let’s see what a metal shelf is.

The metallic shelves are structures independent of the building that are fixed to the ground. On them are deposited merchandise, loads of different weights, and dimensions.

These shelves are static means composed of levels of load separation between them is determined by different factors related to the height of the store where they are going to be installed, the dimensions of the load unit to store, and the characteristics of the lifting means that are going to be used in the performance of work in the storage unit.

Elements Of Metal Shelving

The main aspects of a palletized pallet are as follows.


They are the vertical elements formed by two struts perforated in all their height in which they are housed the load beams. The two struts are linked together by a bolted lattice. In its lower part, the struts have base plates that serve to transmit the loads to the floor of the sill and make it possible to anchor the installation.


These are the horizontal elements of the shelf on which the goods are deposited. The stringers are embedded in the struts of the frames and secured with safety pins that prevent accidental unlocking of the same.


The essential accessories are protections and spacers.

Protections: are placed in the corridors and on the struts to protect the installation from being hit at ground level.

Spacers: elements that are used in double alignments to maintain the relative distance in depth between frames.

Other accessories that can also be found on a metal shelf are the crossbars, metal panels, waiting and centering tables, safety mesh, top stringers, pallet centering.

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