We’re committed, and you’ll enjoy that.

When you’re done with a task, you often get lost deep in thoughts wondering what you’re going to do
with your ‘ free time. ‘ When you just got off a flight, the same thing happens at the airport and you have another one in two hours. The turbulent atmosphere at the airport definitely doesn’t help and staring at the monitor for two hours isn’t productive… or fun.

All this has been figured out by fast track Casablanca. By whisking you through all the necessary procedures, we’ll save you time and you’ll love to spend that time in a lounge. You can watch your favorite sitcom, finish your work or just collect your thoughts.

Fast track Casablanca will assist you with the transfer and one of our agent will be sure to notify you when it’s time to catch your flight. You will automatically become productive and ready to take over the world by maximizing your’ relaxing time,’ perhaps not literally, but you will have a huge amount of energy that you can spend at your leisure.

Your fast track Marrakech agent will be waiting for you at your terminal before you land. You will be requested to notify them when you’re ten minutes away from landing. Once you land, your Marrakech fast track agent will be waiting for you at your terminal with a sign that has your chosen name on it. When you land your eyes on our sign, that’s your cue to relax and start thinking about lunch.

Your fast track Marrakech agent will whisk you through customs and immigration, and you will have expedited security. All of this is to save time, and rest assured, we will. You can use that time we saved to do your duty-free shopping at ease. It will be accustomed to your taste, and your Marrakech fast track agent will keep your budget in mind.


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