Web.com Reviews Investigates Tasty Insects You Can Actually Eat


All insects are not poisonous, and some insects are edible as well. People had actually started eating insects out of necessity, but it has now become a common dish for dinner. According to Web.com Reviews, certain insects are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world including Asia, Africa, and South America.

The Insects

Here are some tasty insects that you can actually eat:

  1. Caterpillars – Many people around the world do not consume full-grown butterflies but they eat it as larvae or caterpillars. One most common type of caterpillar that people consume all over the world is mopane caterpillar which is usually found in mopane woodlands.
  2. Beetles – People generally eat beetle larvae and not a full-grown beetle. There are several species of beetle larvae that people eat all over the world. Some of the common species of edible beetle larvae are aquatic beetle, wood-boring beetle, and the dung beetle. Due to their nutritional value, it is a common food for the people of the Netherlands.
  3. Wasps, Bees, and Ants – Ants are considered to be a fine delicacy in many parts of the world. Apart from that, ants have high nutritional value andare a form of pest control for corps. In Japan, a species of wasps called yellowjacket is considered a delicacy and people of Japan either use it to harvest it locally or import it from Vietnam and Australia.

Bee’s eggs are one of the most essential insect food sources in northern Thailand. Bees also have high nutritional value and are rich in amino acids, Vitamin B, Protein, and essential minerals.

  1. Grasshoppers, Locusts, and Crickets – There are almost 80 species of grasshoppers in the world and it is considered asthe most favorite delicacy in most parts of the world. Locusts are also a favorite dish in many countries. There are various species of edible locusts including brown locusts, red locusts, desert locusts, etc.

People generally collect grasshoppers and locusts in the early morning since they are cold-blooded and are generally immobile in the early morning. Crickets are also a favorite dish and taste better than grasshoppers and locusts. Crickets are a popular food choice in China.

  1. Cicadas – Many people in the western United States like to consume this insect. Cicadas are mainly found in the spring season and people eat it raw as well. When you eat raw Cicadas, you can enjoy a flavor that is similar to eating asparagus. However, you can also boil the cicadas and fry it deeply. Apart from that, you can also bake this insect into quiche, pies, or cookies.
  2. Pentatomid Bugs – Pentatomid Bugs that are also called shield bugs or stink bugs are another popular delicacy in sub-Saharan Africa. You can eat this insect roasted and the oil that is collected from this insect at the time of roasting is collected to prepare other dishes.


According to Web.com Reviews, the food choice of people varies in different parts of the world due to the culture of the locals and the availability of ingredients. If you love to travel, you should definitely try eating some local delicacies.

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