Understand the benefits of using level measurement systems

It is true that level measurement is quite important, especially, when a production process utilizes liquids or particulates. The level is one of the most frequently measured processes in different industries. Such industries use level readings for process automation, indication, and visualization in the level control system. 

On the other side, level measurement service helps the industries in managing inventory and maintaining safety limits for dry-run protection, leak detection, overfill of pump system installed in the plant. Some other applications of such systems are to communicating low limits to different suppliers and to automate order system. One such system is a contact-level measurement system. 

Things to consider while choosing a level measurement system

    • The market is now full of different types of level measurement systems, and for that, it is quite difficult for users to choose the right type of measurement service for their specific application. There are different parameters, for example, pressure, temperature, density, dielectric, etc. can affect the choice of level measurement system. 
    • Some other important factors include foaming, corrosive properties of the system, agitation, and construction of the tank for which you are buying the measurement system. 


  • Lastly, the selection of the level measurement service may depend upon lifecycle cost, ease of mounting the system, cost of the unit, accuracy result, its maintenance, and certification. 


Major benefits of the contact-level measurement system


  • Higher accuracy


Most of the non-contact measurement systems can offer an accurate result. But for that, they need regular recalibration. However, contact-level measurement systems are offer accurate result, and they don’t need any types of recalibration work. They are straight forward. For example, float switches are just like a float fixed to an arm. 

This technology is also used to control the fuel gauge of cars. Unlike the non-contact system, these level measurement systems don’t get affected by foaming or temperature. No matter what is a condition, they will offer you an accurate result. So, choose the best level measurement service provider to get a high-quality system. 


  • Highly durable 


One of the most interesting things about the contact measurement systems is they are simple to use. They don’t come with a lot of moving part. That means they don’t require extensive maintenance. These systems are much more durable than the non-contact measurement system. Besides, if any part fails, the parts can be replaced easily. Such type of feature is very important in the process industry. 


  • Easy to customize


It is true that not all contact-level measurement systems are equal. There are systems which only can be used for liquids, while others can be used to measure the level liquid, particular matter, and slurries. Such a system is very easy to customize for different materials. As the systems are customizable, it can be easily get connected with different types of systems for readout. In this way, workers can easily monitor the levels remotely.  


  • Ease of use


Apart from simplicity and durability, the system’s simplicity also makes the device easy to use. You don’t have to go for fabrications and training to use the system. 

If you are planning to buy a contact-level measurement system, then choose the best level measurement service provider and enjoy the benefits. 


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