Top Tech-Solutions That Are Streamlining The Trucking Industry

We are living in a world where each and every part of our life has been altered, modified, and changed by technological solutions for all good reasons.The technological advancement is not just limited to our day to day life only as it has affected most of the industries out there as well and the trucking industry is no exception to this trend.

If you have ever worked with a trucking company providing liquid bulk shipping then you must have realized how technology has completely transformed this vital industry and made it more effective, accurate, and timely. Without the help of these technological solutions, a trucking company providing liquid bulk shipping will never be able to stay relevant in the industry and this is true because even clients out there are looking for technologically advanced trucking companies only.

But are you aware of which technological solutions are being used by trucking companies using liquid bulk shipping containers for providing transportation services? How are these companies using liquid bulk shipping containers making the most of these technologically advanced solutions? Let’s find out through this blog post.

Dynamic routing

Trucking companies providing liquid transport move liquid in batches from one point to another and this is why the route that is chosen by the company providing liquid transport matters a lot. With the help of dynamic routing, trucking companies can easily add data and flexibility to give better information about the route chosen by your driver. This information and data can be related to the traffic on that route, weather, light condition, and since all this data will be provided in real-time, drivers will be able to use a proactive approach.

In addition to this, dynamic routing can also help trucking companies to trim down the extra miles and choose the easiest and quickest route to the destination according to the current situation. The freshly updated GPS information will keep the drivers away from any hassle and trucking companies will be able to deliver on time as well.


The advanced fleet of trucks used by trucking companies means more precise driving and a better system for shipping liquids. If a trucking company will have improved the trucking system then it will be able to get better information and thus the transportation will become much smoother. You should know that this information, which is handled by the computers in the office, back up the smooth movement of the trucks across different paths. And, all this is being made possible by the power of telematics.

With the power of telematics, trucking companies are now sending, receiving, and storing information through powerful and advanced telecommunication devices in order to control remote objects like trucks working for shipping liquids. The end result is a long line of trucks that keeps on going in a line, one after another.

This method is known as platooning and it has become a very cost-effective solution for trucking companies out there. The combined lines of trucks are very much effective against disturbance in the wind and other climatic conditions.


IoT is becoming one of the most popular technologies of the modern era that is allowing different devices to stay connected with each other and thus providing a centralized system for the user. Well, the same concept is being used in the world of trucking. With the help of IoT based systems, trucking companies providing liquid freight are able to provide better fleet-management, a better balance of supply-demand, better data mining, and better environment sensing.

Since all the devices connected through IoT like vehicles, applications and other devices can easily share data between each other, it becomes easy for trucking companies providing liquid freight to work on a large amount of data while ensuring its smooth flow. In the future, even blockchain will contribute towards making IoT safer and effective and thus it will have a direct effect on the trucking industry as well.

Forward-looking camera system

The in-cab camera system is no more a new kid on the block as it has been around for quite a long time. Most of the companies out there are using an in-cab camera system in order to make transportation a much safer option and also to smoothen the overall transportation system. But now, we are witnessing the influx of forward-looking camera systems in trucking companies using liquid shipping containers.

These forward-looking cameras can show the reality of collision and keep the trucking companies using liquid shipping containers away from being held responsible for the accidents. There are companies out there that are equipping the forward-looking camera with sensors that help in signaling the driver in case of bad driving practices like using a mobile phone while driving.

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