Tips to Protect Fiber Lasers During Winter

Modern fiber laser cutting machines can be used in several applications during the year. To keep these machines in top condition, proper and regular maintenance is required. During the winter months, this is especially important. To avoid costly downtime and having to deal with unnecessary losses, make sure the right steps are taken to protect the laser in the winter. Keep reading to find more details about what to do and why.

Temperature Considerations

The working environment of the fiber laser cutting machine during the winter can be harsh. It is essential to make sure that the temperature of the working environment remains higher than zero, and when needed, provide some heating. If individuals are sure the power will remain on through the night, the water chiller does not have to be turned off, but it is necessary to ensure that the temperature does not drop below the freezing point.

The Cooling Water

If the equipment in place is continually working, then the flow of the water in the chiller will continue, preventing freezing (in most cases). During the summer months, when it is hotter outside, the temperature of the cooling water needs to be maintained and stay within the specified levels. If this does not happen, the fiber laser cutting machine may cause an alarm to go off, and the heated water may cause issues for the equipment.

During the winter, if the water temperature is not maintained, it can cause serious damage to the laser tube. Also, more heat will be generated when the machine is being operated. The impact of cooling water can’t be ignored, as it is a crucial part of the proper operation of the fiber laser cutter.

Drainage Method

To drain the water tank, open the drain plug or valve found at the base of the water tank. If needed, tilt the water cooler to a certain angle to eliminate the water.

It is also necessary to drain the lasers and pipes. To do this, unplug the four-way water pipe and use a source of compressed air to blow from the outlet of the pipe for about one minute. This will force the water being stored in the pipe to move back to the water tank and then drain.

Proper Care and Maintenance for Fiber Lasers in Winter

During the winter months, it is essential that proper care and maintenance is provided for a laser cutter. With the tips here, anyone should be able to ensure their machine will continue to operate properly and safely for the foreseeable future. If necessary, hire someone who is familiar with fiber laser cutters to ensure ongoing maintenance for the machine since cold and freezing temperatures can be so detrimental to them.

It is also smart to use the tips above to keep things working smoothly and ensure that no serious damage occurs to the machine that has been invested in. Being informed is the best way to ensure that any laser cutter continues to work properly and safely.