Things That You Never knew about Decoding Dreams

Every night you tend to doze off into sleep and find yourself in an entirely different world of your own in your dreams. Whether you know it or not, every night you are dreaming as you sleep! You visit places where you wanted to go, you meet people you wish to meet, and more importantly, the experiences and situations you wanted to undergo. Ever thought of how and why does that happen? How and why do you land up in similar situations that you wanted to experience? All of your questions can be answered by the concept of decoding dreams. Let us find out all about the same to understand our dreams better.


It is always believed that we get dreams of situations and instances that we have been thinking about before we sleep. Our subconscious mind has the power to absorb all these instances and play them back into our heads while we are asleep, as dreams. This also happens because we struggle to make new memories while we sleep. Going deep into the details and the smaller parts of the concept, it can always be understood that the different elements in your dream mean or signify different things. All dreams are different and distinct on an individual level and vary based on the dreamer. Dreams always tend to have a hidden meaning behind in terms of the different elements in the dream.

The prominent figure behind all these elements and symbols are your emotions. There are several things common to the world of dreams. Any physical injury is generally seen as a sign of stress. Any stress in your life can come back to you in your dreams in different forms that are subjected to physical injuries. This idea can be different for different people but it is generally believed so.

Some common dreams and their meanings

As already brought to the notice, dreams that revolve around physical injuries have to do with the stress that one is experiencing. Moving on, dreams that are about your body or describes the way one looks or so on related to the fact that you are anxious and are experiencing anxiety. Decoding or interpreting dreams helps one to understand the feelings and emotions one is experiencing. Along with that, it also helps one in overcoming emotions like sadness and grief. Hidden emotions are what surface over through dreams. It is believed that if one experiences a sad experience, he or she tends to dream about it in a way that they wanted the experience to happen. With this, they let that feeling and emotion surface over and let it pass through forever and always.

Summing up

Experiencing different conflicts and situations, everyone has unique dreams. These dreams are made up of people, situations, and instances that are upfront in our heads. With this, our subconscious tends to connect to our present and past and replays everything as dreams. With this, one thing is known that it is always better to think and go to bed having a positive attitude that would help us dream happily.

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