These are the best IPTV applications for your Smart TV

Today many users use the Internet to watch content on television. Hence, IPTV applications have succeeded so quickly. This term means the way in which we can watch television but through the Internet.

The abbreviation literally stands for Internet Protocol Television . So thanks to this new system, today we can enjoy television channels over the Internet and on any device where we have it. And it is that today’s televisions already have this tool included, so below we are going to talk about the best and Smart IPTV applications to enjoy the Internet on your Smart TV.


Our answer to this question is not much. These applications can be a portal for attackers to access your Smart TV , since many times the ‘hackers’ are hidden in the web pages where you download the applications. And it is that these malware have a very simple way of being able to access televisions, despite the fact that some manufacturers such as Samsung incorporate an antivirus in their devices. But in general, there are not many Smart TVs that have an antivirus in their system.

But this is not the end of everything, but these viruses can infect other devices that are connected to the same WiFi network. And it is that these could even reach the router and download malicious content. Not to mention being exposed to a theft of password credentials that we use on the computer and can produce a greater evil if they are the same that we use for banking services.


Having these applications improves the experience when we use television, and one of the main ones is that the content transmitted has the highest possible quality , since when transmitting the videos a part of the Internet is used for that good resolution. Another advantage is that it offers personalized services by having direct data transfer to the IP of each device. This means that we will have channels at our disposal that adapt to our liking.

In order to enjoy all the channels we want using the Internet on our Smart TV, it is necessary to remind all users that we will also need an application that allows us to reproduce these lists of IPTV, m3u or m3u8 servers.

And it is that today we can find these IPTV applications very easily and be able to enjoy all the channels we want from our Smart TV or also from our mobile or tablet. These applications offer us numerous advantages that make them the best option to be able to enjoy our devices to the fullest, how to save download the content in our storage to be able to watch it at another time, watch channels that without Internet we could not see on television, have a content with a high quality or in general, have access to any content we want since there are infinite categories.


When using an IPTV application on the Smart TV, there may be some problems. It should also be noted that some applications are not compatible with some models of televisions. For this reason it may be that when downloading one of the applications that we have told you, your television does not allow you to install it. We must also bear in mind that these applications save part of the Internet connection, this means that the navigation connection on other devices works incorrectly, especially if we want to download a large file or watch a live streaming.

So the Internet experience on other devices will be bad, and it will not let us enjoy the connection as it is. For this reason it is important to remember that these applications reserve the Internet to be able to reproduce the channels on our smart TV, and for it to start working correctly. You can find this application in many of the official stores.

This will mean a lower internet speed on other devices that are using the same network. Now that the advantages and disadvantages of using an IPTV have become clear, we leave you the list with the best apps that you can have on your television.


When we go to download an application to watch Internet television we have to bear in mind that the Smart TV operating system does not support all applications and has some limitations. If our Smart TV has Android TV, we will not have any problem. Whereas if the operating system is Tizen or Web OS, we will have many limitations.

If the operating system of our Smart TV is Android TV, there will hardly be any limitations when it comes to downloading the applications, so we have a much broader catalog from which to choose an IPTV application to watch Internet channels.

If our Smart TV has a different operating system, we can take another alternative to get these applications. One of them, for example, is to search for the application that we want in the store and download and install the one that best suits what we have. It may be that when we enter it we realize that they are not what we want or that we have to pay to use it. Even so, we will have several applications to choose from to install it and make it work properly.