The power behind the mightier one

Almost everyone has got their hands dyed from ink pens while young. It was a rather proud symbolism to show everyone that we are grown up to use a pen. 

The dyed hands showed a way to deal with the kinder world problems. The ink was very special to the toddlers who couldn’t wait to grow up.

A fountain pen is a mechanical writing tool which is widely used for writing on paper materials. This mechanical pen has a reserve of fountain pen ink that gets flow to the nib of the pen continuously. With the fountain pen ink and the nib, the pen brings about strokes with the movement of the hands. This pen works on the specific principle of physics called the capillary action.

The mightier comes in different colours:

The main part of being an ink is being able to come in different colours. And no lower is the fountain pen ink when it comes to this.  The fountain pen ink comes in various colours and depending on the preference of the user the colour of the fountain pen ink is chosen by them. The most widely used fountain pen ink is the navy blue or dark shades of blue colour. It is commonly the official fountain pen ink colour used to write. 

  The other fountain pen ink colours are red, green, and black. These are the three official fountain pen ink colours used. Even in schools and colleges, these are the colours used.

The red and green fountain pen ink colours are used by higher officials and other officers who are at higher ranking to sign authorisation papers, whereas the blue and black are common fountain pen ink colours that are used by everyone. 

Common myths and acts from fountain pen ink:

There is also a myth that drinking the fountain pen ink is not harmful. And this practice is done as a mediocre game by youngsters widely. The fountain pen ink drinking game is either done as an act of bullying or by fun. But whatever may be the fountain pen ink is manufactured from chemicals and chemicals have adverse effects on the biological beings. Hence this act of consuming fountain pen ink is not advisory.

The common blue fountain pen ink is made of triarylmethane and the red fountain pen ink is made of eosin. Blacks are obtained from combinations. Hence the fountain pen ink is purely chemicals. 

How can the mightier be mightier?

Everyone wants the best of things they buy. And when it comes to buying the markers of history that are going to stay forever it has to be first class. A best fountain pen ink must be a non-corrosive ink so that it doesn’t damage the pens, metal parts. It must be free from foaming, bacteria and resistant to wetness which makes it borne to fungi. This is because fountain pen ink is written on a paper and there are chances that the wet fountain pen ink might give way for fungi to develop. It must be quick drying and bold. It must also be free from any residue dust or particles as this would clog the nib. The fountain pen ink must be easy to flow so as to support smooth writing. 


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