The Parties for the Special Times

If you are organizing the party at home, you should also pay attention to elements such as the number of chairs and tables, the number of glasses and plates, etc. You certainly don’t want three friends to have full glasses, and the others to feel extra because you forgot to count how many glasses you have.

So, determine the number of guests you are comfortable with, then make an inventory of the glasses, plates, chairs. If you don’t have enough chairs, you can do some fireworks by moving the kitchen corner or sofa to create seats.

Setting the menu

Although the most convenient would be the Swedish buffet, where everyone chooses what they want, you can, depending on the theme and occasion, order pizza or exotic food or even prepare a cake, if you celebrate a name day.

On the other hand, if you choose to cook, you must consider the amount of food needed, but also who will serve at the table. In most cases these tasks fall on the host’s head.

Choosing the right music

Think about what music your friends like and create a playlist that includes a little of each. Leave a window open if your friends want a particular song or, depending on the theme, put an online radio station that everyone likes.

If your budget allows, hire a DJ to create special mixes for your evening. If you choose a formal theme, season it with wine tasting and jazz music. At the Toronto Party Bus you can go for the best choices.

Announcing neighbors

If you are organizing the party at home, it would be good to inform the neighbors. The noise, but also the congestion in the parking lot might bother them. So show up early at their door, smile broadly and tell them it’s a special occasion.

What are the right drinks for a party?

Whether it’s an outdoor party in the yard or a movie night on the couches, choosing drinks can be a difficult task if you don’t research a little beforehand. It is recommended to choose a few drinks to the taste of the majority, but also a few non-alcoholic drinks for friends who come by car.

Alcoholic beverages for parties

The choice of alcoholic beverages depends on the number of guests, but also on the theme of the evening. If you watch movies and eat pizza, beer is best.

If you celebrate a friend’s name day, on the other hand, you can opt for champagne. For more non-conformist evenings, you can go for the gin and tequila version.Choosing the open-bar option or a limited number of drinks depends on your budget and how much you want to impress your friends.

Non-alcoholic drinks for the party

Among the non-alcoholic drinks you can include plain and mineral water, ice tea, but also various types of juices. You can place these drinks on the same table as the glasses and ice container.

Party cocktails

Cocktails are ideal, especially in summer. But to avoid a big hole in the budget, choose either gin and vodka, or rum, tequila and bourbon. Fruit syrups, ice, and mint leaves should not be missing, whether it’s a classic cocktail or its non-alcoholic brother made from fruit juices, mineral water and lemon slices. A sangria or a mojito, two of the most famous cocktails, can be prepared both in the version with red wine and rum, respectively, as well as in grape syrup or lime juice.

In order not to confuse the choice of drinks, you can ask your friends what they prefer from the few options presented by you and choose the first three most requested. Don’t forget to include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

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