The History of Scrap Metal Balers

Sometime in or around the 1930s the first-ever hay baler was created and has since helped hundreds of thousands of farmers with their hay bales. Automatic balers were created to help farmers compress their bales of hay into easier transportable stacks that would also help them pack the bales into storage easier.

After seeing how well the equipment was working out for the farmers and seeing how long it was lasting them, most farmers or what farmers were left, were not having to buy or invest in new balers for years, other industries wanted to see what they could do with the equipment outside of stacking hay bales. A lot of people could see it was a great resource for recycling and making room, reduce the amount of space that garbage and trash were taking in the world and make it stack neater so it wasn’t such a mess.

In the 1940s, the first waste baler was created. Using the same technique as the hay baler, the waste balers were used to compact large amounts of trash and garbage and put them into blocks to try to clean up and make room for more. Along with the waste baler, the trash compactor was also created and used to compress junk cars and other things that were often more tough and stronger than the waste baler could handle.

In 1947 a group of people decided to start working on scrap metal balers, the reason was because there were a lot of complaints coming in due to the disposal of metal coming from some factories. To make it more manageable, they created a scrap metal baler to compress all of the metal down into smaller squares.

in 1964 the first automatic mobile baler was created and introduced to the world, a baler that could compact small or large vehicles automatically. Old and dead cars take up a lot of space and after you’ve recycled all of the spare, good working parts out of it, the body is useless and takes up a lot of space, but with this they could reduce the space the cars were taking up and in turn make room for more later down the line.

And the industry for recycling and compressing down things, whether it be metal or hay or anything in between, has only grown in size. With places all around the world compacting down large amounts of garbage and trash and junkyards pressing together vehicles to make space, it is not only cleaning up the world piece by piece but it’s taking up a lot less space than it was taking up before.

Nowadays the farmers across America and the rest of the world are having an easier time than they would have a long time ago when baling hay because now they have equipment that is not only reliable but it gets the job done with minimal work and effort having to be put into it. Something the farmers back then didn’t have the luxury of. Now they can spend the extra time they have tending to crops or animals and not have to spend many days on end baling up hay.

Now everyone in the 2000s and beyond is using these balers in big and small ways and whether it’s to straighten up a junkyard or to get the hay baled up for winter, we can all agree that life would be much different it they were not invented back in the 1930s.

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