Styles and Materials of Door

Doors are most likely one of the oldest inventions in the world. Doors are needed for both the indoor and outdoor areas of the home. However, the outside area doors are usually bigger than indoor area doors. One should not ignore the aspect of beauty while buying these doors. Make sure the door will also add charm in the home. There was a time when heavy timber doors were used but now the time has changed and doors are available in numerous materials and styles.

Styles of Door

  • Panel Doors

Stile and rail door is another name of panel doors. As compared to the other doors, panel doors are weather-proof and this is the reason due to which these doors are mostly seen in the exteriors. They are very unique and add natural beauty to the home. They can be installed in the interior of the home because you can paint or polish them, you can paint any color that can go with the theme of your home. Panel doors help in reducing the noise as they are sound proof. The drawback of these doors is that they need daily cleaning in order to look neat

  • Flush Doors

Flush doors are the most common and plain doors which are seen in the interior. The people with a low budget can consider these doors because they are less expensive. Although they are simple ones, they are very attractive and have the appearance of the traditional door. Flush doors require less cleaning and care as they are resistant to stains and scratches. They are not affected in humid conditions. So for the kitchen and washroom you can go with these doors.

  • French Doors

French doors are decorative and aesthetically pleasing. These doors increase the value of the property and while sitting in the room you can get the view of your beautiful exterior as they are transparent. They are wider than many other doors and offer homeowners to bring large sizes of furniture into the home.

  • Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are like a blessing for the small rooms. They are installed to increase the space of the room. These are sliding doors, when opened, disappear into the wall. They can be proved as a luxury element in the home. Pocket doors can make a statement by blending in with the aesthetics of the space. Always consider lightweight material for the pocket doors. Otherwise, it can be difficult for your kids and old people to open their pocket door.


  • PVC

PVC doors are the doors that can be used in any area of the home. They are long-lasting and long-running, and do not require much care. They can withstand daily wears and tears, all types of climatic conditions and they are resistant to moisture and flame as well. The PVC can be recycled which means your investment will be worthwhile.

  • Wood

Wood is the most traditional material that is used for the manufacturing of doors. The wooden doors can be customized in any style, shape and size. These doors are timeless and provide a natural feeling to the home. Wooden doors are durable, tough and can be used for many years. These doors are mostly used in the interior of a home because they are not moisture-resistant.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors can be considered if you want the look of wood with more durability. Fiberglass doors are enriched with a lot of shades and they can be painted in any color. They are stronger than wooden doors. Although they are a bit expensive, they provide money’s worth.

  • Steel

If protection is your main requirement then you can go with steel doors. The steel doors are not very charming but they can make the home more secure and safe. Steel doors can fit the lifestyle of every person because they are affordable. Steel doors can be dented and scratched. So, they need some care.

  • Glass

Glass doors are widely used at the patios sides. These doors can make the home more attractive and they allow the natural light to come in. Buying glass doors may be an expensive approach. If you want to buy glass doors then purchase solid glass doors.