Study Meditation Online via Glo: Developed for all Occasions and Levels

If you are looking for a way to deepen your yoga practice or quiet your mind, meditation can help. You can learn meditation online through Glo, a website based on mind and body rejuvenation. Meditation allows the mind to take a break from the constant chatter. During this time, the individual can let go of the day and take a refreshing pause. Many people might think of meditation as a task, but Glo makes the process entertaining and ever-evolving. They offer a variety of teachers that cover many topics.


The meditation online class taught by instructor Taylor is all about letting things go. It can be performed before a big event to calm your nerves or after a long day with the kids. During the meditation, you can lie down or sit, and Taylor will walk you through the steps to relax your mind and body. It requires some concentration on breathing, which is common in many yoga and meditation practices. This class takes less than 30 minutes, and it is geared towards all students, even those that have never meditated before will benefit from the process. Taylor will lead you with his voice at first, but as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation, he will let soft sounds take over, which will carry you away.

Good Will

If you have a few moments, you can take a break and develop kindness. Yogi MC puts on a quick five-minute meditation online that fills you with energizing goodwill and grace. You will use your breath to spread good nature to your body and mind and the feelings will extend outward past your physical being. It is a soothing way to step away.

Glo has made meditation online a practice you can take with you to the office or on the road. The programs can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. No internet connection is needed, so you can find a shady spot under a tree on your lunch break and bath yourself in sweet kindness.


Yogi MC offers another meditation online through Glo that involves repeating a mantra. Mantras are words or phrases that you can focus on during meditation. MC’s theme is health and happiness. The phrase vibrates inside your body, and it aids in activating cells, muscles, and blood flow. The body and mind respond to mantras, and you may find that during the day you recall the sayings and feel a spark within your body. The meditation can stay with you long after it has ended. This Glo production is 15 minutes and made for beginners and intermediate practitioners. It is peaceful and quiet; there is no music, which allows you to focus on your mantra and emotions.


If you need to feel a little more love for yourself, Teacher Stephanie can ease you into that heart-based space. She walks viewers through finger positions that will allow you to connect to your heart. She leads at a comfortable pace, and the beauty of learning meditation online is it allows you to move ahead once you have certain moves down, or if you need to review specific sections, you are free to do that as many times as needed through Glo. Heart focused meditation can build up loving-kindness for oneself, family, or community. This piece by Stephanie is five minutes, which is often just what the mind needs to reset.


Glo offers meditation classes for children. One prepares them for a busy day at school. Getting kids ready for school can be challenging, so Glo put together a program that helps young minds become centered and focused. The meditation is completed in a family setting, but older children can learn how to do the process on their own. Once the skill is learned, it can be used their whole life, and you may find they want to study new techniques.


Glo’s meditation coursework offers variety and flexibility. The team feels strongly in the value of their pieces, so they offer a free trial period. Take them on a test run and use them throughout your day. Glo is a vibrant community of meditation teachers, and they also have yoga and Pilates classes.

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