Space Saving Ideas for Your Closet  

With the nature of clothing, closets can be difficult to organize. Between coats, pants, shoes, and belts it seems to be a chaotic jungle inside every closet without enough space to hold it all. Luckily, it is entirely possible to have an organized closet with enough room for everything to fit with these few space-saving ideas. Between baskets, sliding closet doors, and shoe organizers we have you covered.


Closets have a tendency to collect odds and ends that don’t necessarily fit into most closets. Baskets can be your best friend to help you not only utilize dead space, but keep your closet organized. Jewelry, accessories, athletic clothing, or pajamas can easily fit into baskets which not only help free up valuable space for other clothing items, but also can help keep your closet looking tidy.

Sliding Doors

In tight spaces with minimal closet space sliding closet doors can help create extra space. By sliding along a track, these doors create a minimal footprint in the room. Swing doors need a wide area to open into, and bi-fold doors can often become jammed when clothing or shoes become lodged into the door. There are several sliding closet door designs available including sleek tempered glass and barn door styles.

Utilize Dead Space

Clothing has a way of taking up a ton of space without really filling the dead air in between. To create more space within your closet, take advantage of the dead space within. Shirts and tops, which typically hang shorter in the closet, can leave plenty space below them to create a second rack to hang clothes on, or to insert a small dresser with drawers. Even the space below pants, dresses, or long skirts can be utilized to place a shoe rack or room for baskets.

Organize Shoes

Shoes can create a chaotic mess within any closet. Often shoes become separated from their match and are strewn across the closet floor. There are several shoe racks available to fit nearly any space. Shoes can be placed along a rack, in cubbies, or even on specialized shoe hangers that keep heels and sandals particularly organized.

Hangers are Your Friend

It seems if you have an article of clothing, there is a hanger designed to handle it. Specialized hangers exist for just about everything from slacks, to skirts, to dresses, to shoes. Take care to utilize special hangers that allow you to create a secondary clothing rack within your closet. There may be places within your closet that non-conventional hangers might work well. Small hooks can be added to the sides of closets to hang belts, accessories, or jewelry.

Tackling a messy closet can be a big undertaking, but with the right space-saving techniques and technologies it is entirely possible to not only tidy up your closet, but create loads more space than previously had. Through specialized hangers, sliding closet doors, and thoughtful organization anyone is able to create more space within his or her closet.


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