Should You Invest in a Stone Guard for Your Car?

A stone guard is an acrylic cover fitted on the front of your car’s bonnet. It is meant to protect the car from stone chips, road debris, and bugs. Also, it can cover up any damage or scratches to the bonnet. This affordable accessory is a great investment you can make for your car as they offer effective protection to the front and end paint job and windshield by creating an upstream of air. This way, small rocks and bugs get swept up and over the car instead of directly hitting the windshield. 

Benefits of Installation Stone Guards

Stone guard installation offers the following benefits:

  • It protects the bonnet of your car. When you drive your car, small stones and chips from the road may propel into the air and damage your windshield. When this happens, the bonnet will also get damaged. But, if you have a quality stone guard installed on your car, stones and chips won’ touch its bonnet. 
  • It prevents scratches. Upcoming flying insects, sand, debris, or rocks can scratch your paint, which can be costly to repair. In some instances, putting paint on the scratched parts won’t do the trick, so you may need to repaint the entire car. A stone guard protects your car against damages, helping minimize maintenance and service costs. 
  • It Improves the look of your car. Installing a well-designed and adequately fitted stone guard is a great investment you can make on your car’s appearance. Some models are available with attractive finishes like dark smoke, matte black, or chrome coats that can take your car’s appearance even further. 

Features to Look for in Stone Guards

When investing in stone guards, make sure to consider the following features:

  • Construction. This determines the effectiveness of the protector in protecting your hood paint and windshield from rocks, bugs, and other debris. Also, it determines its durability. 
  • Compatibility. Ensure you choose a bonnet protector that is made to perfectly fit on your hood. Pay attention to the product’s specifications fitment to ensure it’s the right one for your car. Otherwise, you may need to drill additional holes on the hood or buy another protector.
  • Ease of installation. When buying a stone guard, choose one that you can install yourself so you can save money. But, even if it requires professional installation, go for one that does not require extra modification. Always pick easy-to-fit models and avoid unnecessary costs.