Seven Ways To Make A Great Cookie Dough Fundraiser

A cookie dough fundraiser is currently one of the best ways to raise money for a particular project. It happens to be affordable, delicious, and have a variety of flavors that customers can choose from. While a cookie dough fundraiser has been designed to enable sellers to maximize profits, some people have not been able to make the desired amount of money because they do not know how best to organize and launch this campaign. For these individuals, we’ll be offering them a step-by-step guide on how they can make the best cookie dough fundraiser.

These steps include;

Step 1; Choose a company;

There are a number of companies that offer you cookie dough fundraising services. The problem is choosing the best one for your fundraiser to ensure that it comes out great. There are certain things you have to look out for when choosing a cookie dough fundraising company;

  • You need to choose a fundraising company that offers customers a wide variety of cookie dough flavors to choose from.
  • In addition to the flavors, an ideal company should make delicious and rich cookie doughs that will definitely entice customers to buy.
  • The price of the cookie dough should be affordable, thus, encouraging individuals to buy more for their friends and relatives. Additionally, the price for shipping the cookie doughs should not be high as this may discourage interested people from buying.

Step 2; calculate the amount needed;

If the fundraising campaign is for a particular project or school field trip, you will need to calculate the total amount that will be needed to complete the project or cover the expenses of the trip. For example, if the total amount needed is $300, then you have to plan your fundraiser to get that exact amount.

Step 3; Gather volunteers

Now that you have gotten an idea of the total amount of money you’ll be needing for that project or trip, the next thing to do would be to gather volunteers. While gathering volunteers, you need to take into consideration the amount of money that is needed. This is done to ensure that you do not gather more or fewer volunteers that will be needed to achieve the desired result.

Step 4; Decide what flavors of dough you’ll be offering;

To ensure that your customers buy and eat from your cookie doughs, you’ll need to decide the flavors that you’ll be offering to them. There are a wide range of flavors, however, some happen to be more popular than the others. To enable you to decide what flavors you’ll be offering, you could decide to ask people in your neighborhood which flavor is their favorite. The information gathered can be used to decide the flavors to offer.

There are about three popular cookie dough flavors that you can add to your list. These flavors have over time proven to be the most popular when organizing cookie dough fundraisers. They are;

  • The chocolate chip flavor
  • Peanut butter flavor
  • Lemon drop flavor

Step 5; select a captain

Once you have gathered your volunteers based on the amount of money that is needed to fund your project, you’ll need to select a captain. Your captain should be someone with enviable qualities and somebody that is capable of convincing people in the neighborhood to buy cookies from you.

Step 6; Promote or advertise your fundraiser

You need to build excitement around your campaign if you are to achieve your desired result. One of the most popular ways to build excitement is to organize a party. The goal of the party would be to tell people about your campaign and also the date of the fundraiser.

Additionally, you can make use of your social media accounts to promote your fundraiser. To ensure that the word gets out, you can ask your volunteers to post about it on their accounts as well.

Step 7; Start selling

Now that you have gotten the right publicity, you can then sell your cookie doughs to friends and relatives. You could also decide to sell to strangers as well. Do well to keep account of the total amount of money made. Also, ensure that orders are not mixed.

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