Restomodding: A Growing Trend You’ll Love

Restomodding has been the talk of the town in custom car circles for some time. The best restomods were already earning major headlines in 2019.

It’s only gotten bigger since then.

So what is a restomod, anyway? Keep reading for an overview of restomod cars so you can get in on this exciting new trend.

What Is Restomodding?

There’s a reason that restomodding has been trending for so long. Restomod cars have something for every kind of car lover, whether they’re into vintage Jaguars or the newest Mercedes.

Restomodding is the process of restoring classic cars using modern parts and technology. You might have the chassis of a 70s Dodge Charger which is then updated for Bluetooth audio, for example. Restomodding a car often involves creating modern versions of parts for classic cars like the ones you can find at

In many ways, restomodding is bringing together many generations of gearheads. On one hand, it appeals to the home mechanics who like to work on their classic cars at home in their driveway or garage. Restomod cars also appeal to the hardcore technophile that wants the newest, best tech on the market.

The Benefits of a Restomod Car

You know the saying – “they don’t make them like they used to.” So many older and classic cars and trucks simply cannot be replicated. Think of a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastbook in excellent condition for a good example of engineering perfection.

The trouble is that a lot of technology that we take for granted in today’s world simply didn’t exist 60 years ago. It’s not at all hard to imagine a vintage Mustang not being able to pass an emissions test, for example.

You could even update one of these machines to be an electric restomod if you felt like it.

Restomodding a car lets you update these classic cars so they can actually be driven. No machine that fine should be sitting on cinderblocks in someone’s garage.

A restomodded car can also be updated with the newest safety features, as well. You could outfit a 1973 Trans Am with an airbag, for instance, so you can feel safe when you’re putting that massive block through its paces.

Updated technology is just the beginning, though. The best restomods let you customize everything.

Want to do some off-roading? You can jack up the suspension so you won’t even feel a boulder.

Restomodding even lets you create the machines of your dreams. Like the custom build company, Speedkore created a 1970 Dodge Charger with a carbon-fiber chassis. It’s almost hard to fathom what 1000 horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque could do with that kind of lightweight body.

A restomodded car is like reclaiming a classic AND a new customized car all rolled into one. It keeps things out of the landfills and junkyards while also letting you drive the car of your dreams, all at the same time.

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