Questions to Ask When Choosing a Domestic Staffing Agency  

When choosing a domestic staffing agency, there are some important questions you should ask.

How strong is the recruiting team? Staffing agencies will need a constant pipeline of talent. Many agencies will rely too heavily on job boards. A strong staffing agency will start a referral program that builds on successful candidate experiences. Modern staffing agencies will use the power of social media and mobile recruiting in order to get candidates. Agencies that don’t have a strong recruiting team are less likely to have candidates when you need them. Powerful recruitment will give you access to candidates you may not be able to find on your own.

What does the domestic staffing agency specialize in? There are agencies for every different profession. It’s not hard to start a staffing agency and many agencies say they can find you someone when they really don’t know what makes a great candidate. Be sure your agency does what they say they can do and does it well. You can use reviews of the agency to help you find the answer to this question if their specialization isn’t readily available.

How well does the agency screen candidates? Some agencies will present a candidate to a client after just one phone call. Some agencies won’t even talk to the candidate first. It’s important that your staffing agency screens every candidate to assess knowledge, abilities, and skills. Clients may also need education verification or employment eligibility. A staffing agency must show a candidate that its reputation is important, so the agency should be properly screening candidates.

How strong are the internal employees? The right recruiters can make all the difference for an agency. Does the agency invest in its internal employees? The more a recruiter knows about talent, the better they can help you. Turnover can be high in the industry but good agencies know that satisfied clients also start with happy employees internally.

Does the agency invest time to understand your needs? Success comes with the perfect matches. In order to have the perfect match, it’s necessary to understand both the client and the candidate. Is the agency trying to understand you? Do they ask the right questions? Beware of an agency that will present a candidate to you without getting to know you.

How well does the culture align with yours? If a staffing agency describes its culture, does it align with yours? The best results will happen with the client’s and the agency’s values are aligned.

What capabilities do they have beyond staffing? If you are an infrequent user, then extended capabilities may not be of use to you. However, as your staffing needs grow you may need more capabilities from your staffing agency. Things such as customized invoicing and reporting may be necessary for you.


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