Notable Differences between High Quality Paint Finishing Facilities and Low-Quality Ones

The standard and quality of your paint finishing facilities can define the end result and quality of your output. It is essential that you ensure you have high quality paint finishing facilities in your production line to guarantee that your end result be of the highest quality possible.

With many options on the market, if you are new to the sector it can be difficult to notice the differences between high- and low-quality facilities. There are many notable differences, however some are not as easy to notice at first and will only be discovered after you have purchased, and you run into problems. We have decided to share with you some significant differences, so that you will always go with the highest quality options first and won’t discover problems further down the line.

Build Quality

The first is the quality of the build. A high-quality paint finishing facility will be built with the highest quality materials, will use the most advanced technology and will have the ability to be seamlessly integrated into your current production line. Whereas, a low-quality facility will use less advanced technology, will be built with lower-quality materials and may be more difficult to insert into your current production line, meaning you may have to change the way your production line operates.

Quality Paint Finish

A quality paint finish from a high-quality spray booth will be driven by many factors including the design of the booth. Down draft booths will provide superior quality compared to a cross draft both. To provide the highest-quality paint finish, your spray booth should have highly filtered and treated air to provide the best environment possible for paint application, ultimately improving the quality of the final paint finish.

Lastly a high-quality booth will have balanced and even airflow, effective overspray removal and will supply anairflow rate specific to your needs and not just the minimum airflow to comply Australian standards.

The ultimate test to the quality of your paint finish will be a visual inspection –  the number one tell-tale sign of the quality. You will notice a distinctive visual difference in the paint finish – The higher the quality of the facility the better the end result.

Efficiency and Output Levels

As mentioned, any well-built high-quality facility will use the latest and greatest technology available. However, it should also be built with state-of-the-art operating systems that make it extremely energy efficient and therefore more friendly to the environment. A paint finishing facility is a very large piece of technology, so it is vital that the technology and engineering allow it to be as efficient as possible, while still producing an effective level of high-quality outputs. A low-quality facility will not be as efficient, and this will have an impact on your output level, which could end up costing you financially in the future.


A high-quality paint finishing facility is an investment. Which means that the upfront costs of this investment will be significant; the higher the quality the bigger the upfront costs are likely to be. However, like any good investment the returns on a high-quality facility will be a lot higher than of a low-quality. It may be tempting to pay less upfront, but the technology and detailed engineering of a high-quality facility will ultimately reduce operating costs in the long run. Whereas something low-quality will need more maintenance, have higher running costs and output levels will not be high enough to reduce operating costs.

Australian Standards Compliant

Standards are documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services and systems are safe, consistent and reliable. The standards cover a variety of areas including construction, energy, utilities and more. To ensure that they keep pace with new technologies the standards are regularly updated by multiple committees. Any product or system that is high in quality will be compliant to these standards. This is hugely significant for the buyers to know if they are receiving a high-qualityor a low-quality facility.

Lastly it is also better to have a product that is Australian made. Since Australian compliance standards are high, you will almost always receive a high-quality product, but it also means that you are supporting a local business and further supporting the Australian economy. Australian companies such as DRYSY Spray-Cure, are leaders in the design and construction of paint finishing facilities for manufactures and re-finishers. They will always provide high quality facilities and by supporting them, you are supporting a great Australian company.

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