Long time back there was a telephone with a wire you have to reach telephone to make a call and receive one but presently technology took a huge turn with great advancement where we blessed with internet and its precious out coming to make communication easier without moving a bit. Some best inventions of internet are webcam and mic you can talk as well as do a video call. Presently in the era of pandemic when social distancing is necessary to survive the two essentials things are mic and the webcam which are saving our life easily. In compliance with the rules and regulations of social distancing, one can communicate through mic and webcam.

Covid 19 makes webcam and mic essentials of life whether it is your business meeting, or e-commerce transactions even the government and administration of the country are promoting online communication. In present scenario when our economy is facing crisis internet and its features becomes boon for human. Looking at the positive side of using technology reflects that a mic and a webcam are not only helping a school kid along with her mother in her education but also it is helping an entrepreneur to handle his million dollar business.

Earlier there were coaching classes to learn the working of internet and its gadgets but now various search engines are available to make us understand the use of internet and its gadgets easily. If you are interested to connect with the person globally only three essentials which are required by you are the internet connection, a mic and webcam. These three things can make it possible to connect with as much as people at once, worldwide. With the help of webcam and a mic you can express yourself and seek knowledge form the person from other side both verbally and visually. It’s a very economic process to invest on. For online communication it is necessary to be aware about the functioning of the gadgets, for an effective communication. It is very much necessary that your mic and webcam should be functioning in a proper manner. To ensure that the mic and webcam is working properly there is a procedure to check them known as mic test and webcam test.

Firstly you connect your gadgets with the system or you can buy one with implemented webcam and mic in it. So for webcam test once you turn on your webcam if your face is visible that means your webcam is functioning properly. On the other hand for mic test when you will turn your mic on and start speaking if can see waves next to your mic sign that reflects proper functioning of your mic. It is very necessary that your gadgets should work in a proper manner for qualitative communication.

One of the side which is difficult to handle is sometime what happen when you are having good communication with people and your mic doesn’t work or your video got pause or your internet start showing poor connection, there might be any reason for that some can be easily solve with the help of online assistance and sometime you are required to contact the technical person for removing the problem in the communication.

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