Matthew Davies Looks at Easy Habits to Read More Books This Year


Reading books is a very good habit because the more you read, the more knowledgeable you become. According to Matthew Davies, reading books can sharpen your mind and make you wise as well. There are many people who want to read a lot of books but due to lack of time, they cannot read too many books in a year. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to read more books. You just need to implement a few changes in your book reading habits to make sure you can read more books.

The Habits

Here are some easy habits to read more books this year:

  1. Divide and conquer – The first habit that you need to implement for reading more books is to devote a small amount of time to read books every day. Before you start reading, you must set a goal on how many pages you will read per day. For example, if you set a target to read 20 pages per day and stick to your decision, then by the end of a week you will be able to read 140 pages. Thus, if you use the divide and conquer method, then you can complete reading many more books than what you can in a single or weekly reading session.
  1. Carry your book everywhere – Another good habit that you can implement is to carry the books you want to read everywhere. You may get an opportunity to read almost anywhere, even at the time of travel. So, there is no harm in carrying some books with you especially if the book is not too heavy to carry. Apart from that, you can download the digital versions of the books or e-books and save them on your smartphone. This way you can reduce a lot of weight and read many more books or e-books on the go.
  1. Read multiple books – Another thing that you can do is to read multiple books. When you start reading multiple books, you will also form the habit of remembering more details. Reading multiple books not only helps you to complete more books quickly but it will also keep your mind and thoughts fresh. You will not get bored easily while reading multiple books which is not the case if you are stuck with reading a single book.
  1. Read books in the morning – People generally form the habit of reading books before going to bed. But the best way to read more and more quickly is to make a habit of reading books in the morning. Generally, it is seen that the mind of a person remains fresh in the early morning. So, rather than burning the midnight oil after the long day, it is always better to wake up early in the morning and read books lying on the bed before you become engaged with your daily routine.


According to Matthew Davies, creating a list of books that you want to complete reading every month can further motivate you to accomplish your book reading goals. So, start browsing the best-sellers and get suggestions from your friends and family to create a list of must-read books.

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