Making the final decision on your BBQ caterer


Choosing the right BBQ caterer for your event can seem like a never ending process when there are multiple factors to consider, but once all the main legwork is done, your event is almost as good as ready.

BBQ caterers come in all shapes and sizes and just like atuttagriglia, they can often offer invaluable advice and services which can assure you that your event will be talked about for all the right reasons.

So when the time comes to make that all important final decision on your BBQ caterer, here are some pointers to help iron out the final creases.

Fast responses

Any business or catering firm should be able to give you top level customer service throughout the entirety of your contract with them. You exect to receive a service you are paying for, which includes the employees, so looking in to the customer service side of the operations is key.

In addition to any reports and reviews that you may find hovering around the Internet, it is also worth looking in to how responsive they are as a business. If you have an enquiry about your service you do not want to be kept waiting for days or weeks at a time. Take a look at this by viewing social media pages to see the amount of responses and time factors too. This can give you a good indication of how much they care about their customers.

Final looks at budget

Can you really afford the BBQ caterer you are looking at? First impressions of pricing can be deceiving when there are many other costings to be added on top. Waiting staff, prep time, drinks and travel times can all be costed by catering companies so the final pricing is crucial when making the decision on whether or not the firm is within your budget.

As well as the costings, also keep an eye on any suspicious price hikes. Always get a quote in writing and question any increases before signing the dotted line.

Specialities and flexibility

Reputable BBQ catering firms will have the culinary know how to produce a menu which is exceptional on every level. Different firms may specialise in certain areas, such as cooking specific ranges of meats, these specialities should be considered before deciding as they may or may not be suitable for the event you are planning.

Of course alongside the special dishes on offer from catering firms, they also need to be flexible in order to adapt to your specific requirements. Dietary requirements must always play a vital part in finding the right service, but a good partnership will be with a BBQ caterer who can incorporate your ideas to match your own event.

Having this kind of flexibility can speak volumes in the firm’s ability to cook and provide great service, so try booking a tasting session to see if they can really create exactly what you are looking for in catering. 

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