Lockshop Direct’s New Range of Tile Trackers Will Make the Perfect Stocking Fillers This Christmas

Stocking fillers can be among the most difficult presents to buy. After all, most of us want to give items that will come in useful and won’t end up being binned or immediately taken to a charity shop. So where can you find small, handy items for the family member or friend who has it all?

Well, if you know someone who is regularly losing track of their keys, phone or any other item, we might just have the ideal Christmas gift for them. Our brand new range of Tile Trackers could change their life!

What is a Tile Tracker?

This handy product is compact, elegant and fitted with tracking technology. The Tile Sticker, Tile Mate and Tile Pro can be attached to items that are easily lost and – with the help of a simple app – you’ll be able to “ring” it to find whatever has gone missing.

The Tile Slim Tracker is credit-card shaped, so it’s really easy to slip into a wallet.

If you suspect that the lost item is further away, you can check the app for an update on where it was when it was last updated.

What Can a Tile Tracker Find?

Tile Stickers feature strong adhesive, so you can stick them anywhere – including onto the television remote!

Tile Mate and Tile Pro Trackers are designed to be easily attached to a keyring – so, of course, they’re perfect for locating missing keys.

You can also attach them to bags, pets’ collars and almost anything else you’re prone to losing track of.

Tile Trackers also have a very useful feature when it comes to finding your mobile phone. Simply double press the button on the Tile and your phone will ring, revealing its location. This even works if the phone is on silent.

Other Handy Uses

If multiple people are using the Tile app, you can activate the Tile community. This will allow others to locate items for you if you’re out of range.


Depending on the type of Tile Tracker you select, you’ll be able to locate things within a range of 150 feet or 46 metres (if you have a Sticker Tile), 200 feet or 61 metres (when you purchase the Slim or Mate models) or 400 feet or 122 metres (with the Pro version).

Tile Mate and Tile Pro Trackers are a perfect square, measuring 35mm x 35mm. Tile Stickers are just 27mm x 7.3mm – meaning they’re perfectly compact and won’t get in the way. Tile Slims are 86mm x 54mm x 2.4mm. This makes them the same length and width as a credit card and just twice as thick.

Both the Tile Sticker and Tile Slim have an impressive 3 year battery life, while Tile Mate and Tile Pro last 1 year and can be easily replaced.

For further information about our Tile Tracker range or to find out more about the smart security products at LockShop Direct, browse our selection or contact our team today on info@lockshopdirect.co.uk.

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