Know 10 things about Baniya Community 

 The Baniya community seems to be famous around us, especially in markets for playing with numbers, crashing down prices and trading. The people of the Baniya community are considered to have commercially bent mind making them sit on the throne of the business class. Following are a few of their typical characteristics:

(i) The name Aggarwal or Agrawal was found by Maharaja Agrasen and is an earmark for the Baniya community. It is one of the largest cities spread across the globe since past 50 centuries.

(ii) The Aggarwals or Agrawal’s belong to the most common and widespread community in India, i.e. the Vaishya community who are found in almost all parts of India. Ideally, they are from the Baniya community only.

(iii) As per mythology, the first known Aggarwal who was a proficient and skilled author was Vibudh Shridhar. He wrote the first reference drawn to Baniyas in the world as a book, called Pasanaha Chariu in 1132 A.D. Although, this book was not just for the Baniya community reference but was also used as a source of information to learn and know more about the origin of Mehrauli (formerly called Early Delhi).

(iv) In some parts of India, the Baniyas are very famous for their business-related activities especially trading which is why there are instances in the past where the kings and leaders have appreciated them for being excellent traders and have been given the onus to look upon the buying and selling activities. They are considered to have been born with the business gene and learning the tricks at an early age. Some examples are Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani etc.

(v) In the past days, the Baniya community people were famous because for being successful and well-known merchants, traders, marketers and sellers. They are known to have helped the India economy develop with a quick pace as for their excellent and exceptionally well ideas assisting the country in growing both implicitly and explicitly. They are business-minded people and are ready to earn profits even on the cost of their social lives.

(vi) In history, the Baniya community has secured themselves some monuments like Agrasen ki Baoli near Connaught Place, Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, India. This monument was built in the late 14th century and was designed and completed by the King Agrasena. It is a 3 level building and has around 108 steps.

(vii) It has been found out by the researchers that 86% of the people of the Baniya community practice and follow Hinduism while others are known to follow Jainism. The Baniya community is also very tightly knit to the rules of their clan. All there weddings or any such ceremony is performed strictly within the rules. But apart from the following of rules, they have adapted themselves continuously with the changing circumstances in terms of their clothing and way of living.

(viii) According to Indian mythology, King Agrasena is the elder sibling of Lord Krishna’s grandfather Shurasena. Both the brothers and their families faced repeated attacks from Jarasandha of Magadha due to which they left Mathura while Agrasena shifted to Agroha and Shurasena moved to Dwarka.

(ix) During the Mughal period, Akbar had two ministers who were from the Baniya community. One was Todarmal who looked after land assessment, and the other was Madhushah well known for the Madhushahi price.

(x) It is also known that Baniya community people are born with the ability to take risks in their life and always have a solution to your problems. They are also very strict when it comes to the matter of accounts and keeping of proper records. For them, reports are the pillars of all kinds of businesses and the act hawk-like accounts and maintain appropriate administration. 

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