ITN: What is it, and why do you need one?

If you are traveling, you will need to have a passport. The passport acts as your verification for all the necessary information allowing you to move freely internationally. However, the loss of a passport may eventually result as a hindrance to your traveling. A similar kind of verification is required in the case of your export business, and all of it is through the export transaction of ITN.

ITN or Internal Transaction Number is one of the most important documents for exporters. The verified exporters receive Internal Transaction Number from the Electronic Export Information (EEI), thereby allowing acceptance of all the exported and imported products. Once your ITN has been accepted, you will receive the ITN from AESDirect Filers.

The ITN usually behind with X and consists of all the essential details such as year, day, and month of acceptance. This, however, is followed by a random six-digit number. However, you must insert all the details carefully so that you successfully get the ITN details. Some of the prominent information that you need for ITN include the following

  • Air waybill
  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial landing document
  • Export shipping instructions

However, there are certain exceptions for international travel. These exceptions apply to the US.

If you are exporting goods worth less than $2500, you wouldn’t need to show any license.

Also, ITN may not be required if you are exporting non-licensed goods to Canada.

Apart from the exceptions, no one is going to accept your goods, if the exported shipment does not contain the ITN. Therefore, in most cases, you cannot export the product if you do not have the ITN.

How can an ITN help you?

The Clearit ITN number can provide you with a lot of benefits. Experts have often recommended getting ITN so that you get all the necessary information for filing your products. Some of the prominent things that ITN can help you with include the following.

Proof of filing

One of the main reasons why your export business will need ITN is to ensure proof of filing. As per the requirements of FTR, your ITN is proof that you have filed the EEI.

Accurate filing

No matter where you are exporting the products, it is essential that you put the details thoroughly. Registering with ITN will eventually ensure that the information provided is accurate.

As an importer, you must have your ITN numbers registered thoroughly for better business.

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