Is it time to hire a Project Manager?

The role of project managers varies depending on the industry or business. However, at its core, project management involves balancing projects budget, timeframe, and general scope as your team works to achieve its objectives. Additionally, when a project manager possesses the necessary skills acquired from a project management course, the chances of the project progressing smoothly will increase – thus attaining your goals.

As your startup begins to grow, you’ll realize that much of the work involved can be delegated to an experienced project manager. That is why it is important to recognize the signs that it is time to work with an expert.

Signs it’s time to hire a project manager

Regardless of your business type, provided you are running projects with budgets and deadlines, then you will need someone to run them. How do you know when you are at a tipping point? Here are good indicators that it’s time to bring in an experienced project manager:

  • You do not have a clear and streamlined process.
  • Projects are continually over budget.
  • The team misses deadlines since projects are never estimated or considered properly.
  • The team has burnout and is overbooked.
  • Although projects are delivered on time, they don’t always meet the intended outcomes or goals.
  • There’s no visibility of when the work will end since nobody creates and updates plans.
  • Stakeholders and clients are bothered by the level of insights they get on their projects.
  • There’s lots of confusion and miscommunication as to who’s to do what and when.

Consider Knowledge And Experience

While directly-related experience is not necessary, if your project manager has the applicable skills, the chance of the project progressing smoothly is increased. Additionally, your goals will be achieved more easily. Remember that even with sufficient knowledge and experience this should not be the only reason for you to select a project manager. You should think about other factors as well.

What Kind Of Project Manager Should You Hire?

After you’ve formalized the role of the project manager (PM), you’ll have to decide on whether you’ll make it a contract or a full-time position.

A full-time project manager: Deciding on a full-time PM should depend on how much work needs to be managed. More so if your team deals with many tight deadlines. Opting for a full-time PM makes sense provided you’ve identified challenges and need the help of an expert to level up your project delivery.

A contract project manager: Remember that if you aren’t prepared to take on a full-time hire, you could still decide on engaging a contract or part-time project manager. That could help you determine whether their dedication fits in your company and how they move projects forward.

Are You Ready For A Project Manager?

Regardless of the type of PM you hire, ensure that they are active members of the entire project team. In other words, they have to positively contribute to your project and communicate often with your clients and team about what has been done and things to come. With the addition of any hire, keep in mind, that it is an investment to your business. Therefore, take time to define the tasks and set up an onboarding plan in order to prepare the entire team for collaboration and eventually success.

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