Is butter roti healthier than plain roti? 


There is no denial that roti is one of the most consumed delicious dishes you can ever try. If you come from an Indian household, you must already be delighted to receive that one roti. But, there’s a difference in the food you get from hostel and the roti you make at home. Since you cannot always prepare roti like that of home, with a roti maker you surely can. 

The main tussle has always been between whether plain roti is healthy or butter roti. No matter how much you deny it, people in Indian households are really fond of butter roti. Butter roti or ghee roti has been a great popularity among households. Indian curries are full of spices and masala. And to be blessed with a bit of butter roti is no less than a great mood. Have never tried masala curry and butter roti? 

Butter roti can help you lose weight 

Often people have questioned about butter roti being high in calories. It is for this reason a number of people are discarding this. But hey, wait. What you have heard all this while is nothing but a myth. People have stated that butter roti does not help you gain weight but lose it. So, you no longer need to be guilty about eating the tempting ghee ke paranthe. Whether you pair it with butter chicken, or gulab jamuns, you can always consume butter roti without being worried about your excessive weight. 

The glycemic index of the food matters significantly which is why you should be aware with it. The glycemic index of a food is strictly changed depending on how the food is paired. Pairing the right food with what you love can be of great help. Although the concept of glycemic index is a little complicated. But if you get it right, you will be able to eat almost everything without being worried. 

What is glycemic index of food?

The glycemic index of the food refers to the rate at which the blood sugar level rises when a certain food is consumed. Foods with high GI often cause significant boost in the blood glucose levels. But, foods with low GI often causes a slow and steady rise in the blood glucose levels. 

Factors affecting GI of food

If you are considering the GI of a food, you will need to take into consideration the entire meal’s GI rather than specific food item. Some of the factors affecting the GI of a food include the following

  • Fibre

Meals with high fibre content usually have low GI. Both, brown rice and whole wheat have lower GI as compared to white rice and all-purpose flour or maida respectively. Rotimatic can help you prepare nutritious fibrous rotis. 

  • Fat

Fats usually lowers the absorption of blood sugar level. As a result, it is necessary to be careful about what you pair your roti with. 

  • Protein

Since protein lowers the release rate of sugars in blood. As a result, there won’t be much rise in blood sugar level. 

You can check the Rotimatic reviews to prepare one of the delicious food items. Being a little careful will eventually be helpful in the long run with the machine. 

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