How You Would Choose the Right Garden Room Extension

An extension of your home offers many advantages. What these exactly are depends on the type of extension. Do you want more effective square footage of living space or a place to enjoy the outdoors? In the latter case, a garden room is an unbeatable choice. Below we tell you more about the many advantages of a garden room.

Enjoy Your Extension For 3 Seasons

Typical Dutch weather conditions ensure that it is not always pleasant to stay in your garden. Rain, wind and snowfall make it impossible to enjoy the outdoors every day, especially in autumn and winter. Even in the first part of spring it is sometimes too cold to really sit comfortably.

A combined garden room and shed changes this and ensures a pleasant environment in spring, summer and autumn. In this uninsulated 3 season system you may be inside, but because of the open structure you will experience it as outside. This way you can enjoy the outdoors again – from early spring to late autumn.

Advantages Of A Glass Garden Room

A garden room is generally such a valuable addition to a home that many of our customers spend even more time here than in the living room. This is partly due to the pleasant climate, because when the sun shines through the glass, it quickly becomes wonderfully warm in the room. A little sunshine is enough for this.

If it gets too hot in the garden room, the solution is simple: you can slide open the hard glass sliding or folding walls in one movement. The fresh air and outside scents result in an even stronger feeling of being outdoors. If it becomes too cold in the room, you can close the canopy tightly and windproof with the same doors.

Customize Your Own Garden Room

The comfort of a room is of course not only determined by the climate, but also by the atmosphere that prevails there. In that respect too, a garden room is a very valuable addition to a home. The feeling of being outdoors and the possibility to simultaneously furnish the room to your taste as an interior space, really create a unique ambiance.

Is the sun just a little too warm or is it annoying in your face? Or do you want to enjoy a glass of wine in the garden room in the evening? Then window coverings are useful, especially because of the many glass that a garden room has. How to choose the perfect window covering? You can read that here . There are of course countless possibilities, but we have listed a few for you:

  • Pleated blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Shutters

All in all, we can say that a garden room is a real addition to your living pleasure. This allows you to fully enjoy the garden and the extra space in your home. Do you also want to know how to get the most out of your garden? Read all our living inspirations about the outdoors here.

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