How to Sell Estate Jewellery in Brisbane

Sometimes the gold jewellery people get is inherited and might be a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. It might not be to your liking of fit in with your own sense of style. You would be better off selling the jewellery than keeping it at the bottom of your jewellery case. Find gold buyers Brisbane who deal with estate jewellery can be stressful. You could probably google through the myriad of gold buyers online but the best thing is to find a buyer who will handle your gold and give you a quote on something they have actually physically seen and handled.

If you don’t want to be scammed a physical buyer is your best bet. They can appraise the gold and give you a price on the spot. Estate jewellery is tricky because it usually has some historical significance. Not all gold buyers will factor that in their price quotes but they should. Especially if its jewellery from some other century, that was worn or created by some famous person.

When you do take your jewellery to a gold buyer make sure he isn’t going to take your jewellery to some back room but that he does all examinations in front of you.

Some gold buyers will throw big, complicated words at you just to confuse you. Don’t get confused into selling your jewellery, make sure you know what you need to know and don’t let yourself be swayed by all the fancy jargon.

Don’t sell your gold to some anonymous person on the phone.

Trust your gut, if you encounter a fast-talking, and overzealous buyer. Take a step back and get out of there.

There are a lot of ways that you can appraise a gold buyer, check reviews in Google, Yelp or on Facebook. The jewellery business can be messy with people being ripped-of, people looking to rip someone and people who are genuinely getting ripped of. This makes selling gold jewellery a bit daunting. Look for gold buyers Brisbane who will take you through the process and offer the highest pay outs for gold jewellery.

Your grandmother’s Jewellery may be old but it doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot. Sometimes jewellery has value because it has some sentimental value that you think might worth something. Gold buyers aren’t concerned with sentiment only what the gold jewellery can be melted down for.

So, what can help you determine the true value of your gold jewellery?

Have your gold appraised. This will help you determine how much you can realistically expect to get for your jewellery. Remember that, even though it may be appraised at hundreds of thousands of dollars that does not mean you can sell it for that price. Appraisals are usually inflated for insurance purposes in case of accidental damaged or theft.

Appraisals can help you get additional documentation for your gold jewellery. This is especially important for estate jewellery with precious stones attached to the gold.

So, who do you sell your gold to? If you can get over the melt value from an auction or by placing an ad on Ebay, this might be your best bet. Otherwise, if you sell your gold jewellery to Gold buyers Brisbane, the jewellery appraisal you have received isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

Sellers have been known to back out of sales because they decide they aren’t ready to part with their gold yet. When selling gold jewellery make sure that you are emotionally ready to part with it. Some jewellery may have an emotional price that no money can satisfy but if you need the money, let those emotions go and concentrate on getting the most for your jewellery.




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