How to Maintain Your Hydraulic System

It can be difficult to maintain a complex hydraulic system. The best way to keep your hydraulics in top shape is to understand some common problems that can cause them to break down. Knowing the basics will save you time and money when it comes to both the small repairs you can do yourself and when it comes time to call in expert help. Here are the top 3 things you need to know about hydraulic system repair.

Know Your Oil

Oil is the first stop on this list because it is often the source of hydraulic system troubles. Oil may seem like it’s just grease to us, but to your complicated machine it is as vital as water. Hydraulics require that oil be clean and pure in order for their parts to be able to handle the intense pressures they operate under. Make sure to change your systems oil regularly. This ensures that the oil in your system is clean. Also be certain that the oil is at the proper levels and temperatures for your hydraulics.

Tables, Frames, and Mountings

This is easily the most underserved aspect of hydraulic system repair. The table, frame, or mounting that supports your hydraulics should be seen as a vital part of this machine. If the system’s housing is starting to fall apart, your hydraulics are next. When you or your technicians are first assembling your system, make sure that every brace and pin is used in the assembly. This will ensure that the housing can withstand the high strain hydraulic systems can cause on their housings. If your mounting starts to wear, make sure to replace it right away. It’s both easier and more affordable to replace and repair a worn hydraulic system housing than it is to fix one that collapses. This leads us into our next point.

Be Proactive

The best way to repair is to prepare. Maintaining your hydraulic systems starts well before they begin to show signs of wear. Take a good look at your manufacturer’s booklet for the specifics of your machine. If you have a repairman, consult with them about the best ways to keep your specific model in top shape. Every hydraulic system will have stress points that wear faster than the rest of the machine. If you know what those are ahead of time you can keep your hydraulics from ever suffering a major breakdown. Find a reliable hydraulic parts dealer and make sure to order replacements ahead of time.

Keep these three key points about hydraulic system repair in mind and your machines will always be reliable!

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